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Ascendant - Astrology - May 11, 2013


To Cancer lagna, life and their well being is very dependent upon their mental attitude. They make inner adjustments to the varying factors of life and their ability to do so decides the quality of their life. They feel everything and are sensitive, but the degree of happiness they have depends upon their ability to feel what they feel with the understanding that feelings are just a reflection and therefore a particular feeling should not be considered more preferable than another. If they are unable to do this, then their feelings may be a source of suffering in their lives. Their actions are largely motivated by their needs; the degree that they need to have their needs fulfilled by external sources determines their happiness. The degree to which they understand that their needs are responsible for their happiness or unhappiness, and not the external fulfilling of those needs, determines their level of happiness and contentment.
     The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Capricorn; they must learn that even though they have within them the ability to fulfill all their needs, that this leads to a corresponding external fulfillment of the needs as well, and that those activities are an important part of their development. Along with this they must also learn that if their needs are being threatened by external factors, that they still have some work to do with maintaining their own capacity to fulfill their needs. This generally gives partnerships with those that are more capable of fulfilling their needs through external factors, or partners that force the native to develop their ability to fulfill their needs externally.

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