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Ascendant - Astrology - May 11, 2013

LAGNA IS ARIES – Ascendant

The native with Aries lagna is beginning a new cycle of self-actualization. This causes them to be possessed of great impulse, strength and will of an initiatory type. The Aries native is harnessing energy for some personal, yet purposeful activity.

There is great energy directed towards finding ones niche in life, but this may put them into unstable or unmanageable situations, as the consequences of their actions are rarely considered in advance. The nature is courageous and passionate. Great emphasis is placed on the use of the will and directness is a noticeable quality. They consider things very much from a personal point of view.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Libra. Balance must be developed in their activities. They must learn to consider the price they must pay for their actions and endeavors and become more pragmatic. This is likely to give partners that are more pragmatic in their actions, or partners that force a need upon the native to be more pragmatic.

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