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Kapata “deceit” Yoga

Kapata “deceit” Yoga
The 4th lord with Saturn, Rahu, or Mandi, and aspected by a malefic.
“One will be a hypocrite.”
    Natives with Kapata Yoga are not all that they appear to be. The 4th house is a hidden house and malefics influences to it indicate negative thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions that at first may be difficult to discern, but that with time are discovered. Oftentimes these natives hide things from themselves first, and, as a consequence, secondarily to others, particularly female natives with this yoga. If this yoga is very severe it can indicate a native who is very disturbed and who as a result commits atrocities, while the average case of this yoga simply hides minor actions that would cause embarrassment, are not socially acceptable, or that are simply not considered good conduct. The Sun is a very weak malefic for this yoga, since the Sun is a noble planet. Rahu and Saturn indicate the worst type of deceit and negative thinking, while Mars and Ketu are middling in their deceit, though they can indicate hidden violent tendencies. This is a yoga that requires careful scrutiny as it can indicate a wide range of hidden negative actions.

    This version of Kapata Yoga , which does not include a malefic in the 4th house but only the affliction of the 4th lord, is not as severe as the other two versions that require a malefic to be in the 4th house.

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