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Hamsa “swan” Yoga

Hamsa “swan” Yoga
Jupiter in an angle, and in its own or exaltation rasi.

Description”The Hamsa native has voice like a swan, with a beautiful body of whitish complexion. Charming by looks with a prominent nose, reddish face, red mouth, round forehead, broad cheeks and round, honeylike eyes. His nails are reddish and he has well formed legs, beautiful feet, and clean limbs. 96 anguls in height, he will weigh 1600 palas and be kapha in constitution.”
Personality”A king extolled by the good; he is lovely like Kama Deva (the god of love), renowned, of generous disposition, beneficent and devoted to virtue. Happy and having every comfort at his command, he is wealthy, eats sumptuous food, and is delighted in sexually uniting, though being passionate his lust remains unfulfilled. He has great virile power (indriya). He is fond of swimming and playing in watery places. Of warm speech he is blessed with a beautiful wife. He will be respected and recognized by the government.”

Marks of Fortune”He has the marks of matsya (fish), ankush (the iron hook with which elephants are driven), dhanus (bow), sankha (conch), kamala (lotus), and trident on his hands and feet.”

Religion and Knowledge”Intent on acquiring knowledge of the sacred scriptures; he is acute; and has great merits. He is devotional and reveres his seniors, elders, gods and Brahmins.”

Life and Death”He enjoys life fully and as ruler of a land situated between the Ganges and Yamuna, over Sura Sena, or Ghandarva, he dies in a forest after attaining the age of 100 (or 82, or 90) years.”

“Hamsa” means a swan or other aquatic bird that is considered as a bird of passage. Natives with Hamsa Yoga are the most faith inspired, and they are afforded the most protection and blessings from difficulties and suffering. They benefit in life due to their faith, hope, optimism and goodwill. They find greater meaning in life; have a good capacity for foresight, and the good fortune to have and choose the good over the bad. An interesting facet of this yoga is that it does create strong sexual passion, just as the classical texts states. Amongst the Mahapurusha Yogas, Hamsa Yoga grants the longest longevity.

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