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Astrology Yoga - May 11, 2013

Gaja Kesari “elephant lion” Yoga

Jupiter in an angle from the lagna, and joined or aspected by a benefic, avoiding at the same time debilitation, inimical rasi, or combustion.

“One will be splendorous, wealthy, long-lived, energetic, renowned, intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues, pleasing the king, and having great money and grains. One will destroy, like a lion, all his enemies and conquer everything by his own valor.”

    This is a well-known yoga that indicates intelligence, a happy attitude, and protection from adversity. It is particularly noted for wealth, and the houses involved will indicate sources of wealth. This version, requiring Jupiter to be under benefic influence and not in a bad dignity or combust, is much more significant and effective. In this case it is Jupiter that is the significant planet in the yoga and the planet that will give the greater rise, success and wealth.

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