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Durudhara Yoga

Durudhara Yoga
Planets, other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu, in the 2nd and 12th from the Moon.
“One born in Durudhara Yoga will enjoy luxuries and freedom, be charitable, of good behavior, endowed with wealth, conveyances, cattle, horses, and excellent servants. He will enjoy various pleasures arising from the possession of produced articles. Taking freely to the joys of life as they crop up the native is bountiful and in a state of bewilderment. He is an excellent speaker, liberal, virtuous, valorous, wise, fond of battles and may become an army chief. He will be a king and will sacrifice his possessions. He will come to grief by maintaining his family members.”

    Durudhara Yoga is simply a combination of Anapha and Sunapha Yogas. The principles of Anapha and Sunapha Yoga should be applied towards understanding the influences of Durudhara Yoga. Classical texts give different results for the different planets being on each side of the Moon and forming Durudhara Yoga; the effects of two planets being on each side of the Moon are somewhat similar to the planets being conjunct:

Mars and Mercury”One will be a wicked liar, very wealthy, clever, depraved, miserly, and addicted to unchaste women past their prime. Of expertise, one is a chief of his race.”

Mars and Jupiter”One will be mighty, wealthy and famous for his deeds. One is harassed by his foes, angry, inimically disposed towards many, intent on gathering money, and a protector of his men. The moral quality of his household will be wholly due to his powerful example.”

The effects of Anapha, Sunapha, and Durudhara Yogas are less if the Moon is weak by having less than 20 virupas of paksha bala. This occurs when the Moon is within a 60-degree orb of the Sun. In this event, the Moon has little light. The light of the Moon indicates the receptive ability of the Moon; when it is less the Moon gains less from the planets forming the Anapha, Sunapha or Durudhara Yoga.

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