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Dur “difficult” Yoga

Dur “difficult” Yoga
A malefic in the 10th and the 10th lord in a dusthana.
“One will not derive the fruits from his own bodily exertions and is looked down upon by others. Highly selfish and intent upon deceiving others, one will also live in a foreign place.”

    A malefic in the 10th indicates hardships in the career, and the 10th lord in a dusthana increases the struggles. If the 10th lord is in the 8th house there are significant ups and downs in the career, several career changes, or the unexpected termination of a career or position. In the 12th house, the native does not earn their worth, does not receive proper recognition, or looses their employment for an extended time. In the 6th house, the native has to climb up the ladder and it is difficult for them to gain positions of respect and authority; whatever position they do reach it will be less than desired, and there will be delays in finding an appropriate position.

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