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Astrology - Astrology Yoga - May 11, 2013

Dhana “wealth” Yoga Moon aspected by Jupiter

Dhana “wealth” Yoga
Day birth, the Moon aspected by Jupiter, and the Moon in own or great friend’s navamsa.

“One becomes wealthy and happy.”

    This yoga is not dasa dependent, rather it indicates the potential to be happy with one’s wealth. When this yoga is present the native may not only become wealthy, but most importantly, they are content and happy with their wealth. If the Moon is otherwise afflicted, however, then the happiness will be marred, of course. This yoga alone does not indicate great wealth; other wealth producing yogas must be present in the horoscope in order for there to be significant wealth, but it does reveal the native’s capacity for happiness with whatever wealth they do possess. The Moon in good dignity in the navamsa gives a greater capacity for contentment, mental peace and happiness. The aspect of Jupiter during a day birth indicates that the native finds happiness in their actions and purpose. The aspect of Venus during a night birth indicates that the native finds happiness with the good things that come into their life. Though this yoga is presented in two important texts, Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra and Brihat Jataka, I have not found it to be as significant as many other yogas in those texts.

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