Astrology - Combust - May 11, 2013


COMBUST SATURN: When Saturn is combust the native feels overwhelmed and overburdened with life, as if they were never given a fair chance. One generally lacks discipline and perseverance to do all that they are required to do and would rather complain or find another, easier way out of their responsibilities. They generally exhibit bitterness and resentment. They are generally unable to give of themselves unless they know that they will derive some benefit. In essence, when Saturn is combust the native is angry at the world at large for the burdens that are a part of it.

     Another tendency of a combust Saturn is a native who works extremely hard to validate themselves, but never feels validated by their activities and as a result becomes full of frustrated hate and jealousy.

     These tendencies are generally developed in this lifetime by some responsibility being forced upon the native at an early age when they were to young to handle it, and without proper validation for their accomplishments.

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