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Bhadra “blessed” Yoga

Bhadra “blessed” Yoga
Mercury in an angle, and in its own or exaltation rasi.

Description”The Bhadra native is splendorous like a lion and walks with the gait of an elephant. He has a broad, developed chest, long and thick arms, and his feet, moustache, and head are beautiful. His hands and legs are akin to the lotus. Of dark complexion he has short, black, curly hair, single in each pore (single in each pore is considered most auspicious and indicates a king). He has an attractive face like that of a tiger, well-knitted eyebrows, and soft hair over the cheeks. His body will emanate smells like the earth after a fresh drizzle, sandal paste, saffron, and elephant’s ichor. His skin and semen are also strong. He is 2000 palas in weight, 84 anguls in height, has his genital organs hidden like that of a horse or elephant, and he suffers from vata, pitta, and kapha.”
Personality”Bold, independent, valorous, and righteous, he is a protector of his family and reveres gods and Brahmins. A high-spirited king, he is diligently devoted to the befriending of kinsmen and well-wishers, though he will not forgive his own men. Sensuous, he is fond of luxuries and comforts, and his friends share in the enjoyment of his wealth. Very rich, and firm in prowess, he will lead men. He is skilled in all the arts, clean, praised by the learned, and of firm mind with respect to his own business.”

Marks of Fortune”He has the marks of sankha (conch), chakra (wheel), gada (mace), arrow, lotus, stave, elephant, crocodile, chariots, dhvaja (flag), and hala (plough) in his hands and feet.”

Religion and Knowledge”Of sattva guna, learned in all respects, he is well versed in yoga performance and sastras and has a love for contemplation. He will be adept in expounding the sacred lore. Of keen intellect, he is eloquent and clever.”

Life and Death”He will rule over Madhya Desha, living happily with his wife and children, but if his height and extent of outstretched arms are each 105 anguls, he will be an emperor of the whole earth. Displaying commanding genius, enjoying vast fame and extensive wealth, and women, etc., he will always be happy and dies at 80 (or 100) at a holy place and ascends to the abode of the Gods.”

“Bhadra” means blessed, auspicious, fortunate, prosperous, happy, good, friendly, kind. Natives with Bhadra Yoga are the most skilled at bringing things to a concrete realization. They are the best managers and practical and successful leaders. They benefit in life through their capacity to make effective and intelligent decisions. Amongst the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, all other factors equal, Bhadra Yoga is capable of producing the greatest success.

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