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Astrology - Astrology Yoga - May 11, 2013

Amala “stainless” Yoga – Very Rare Vedic Astro Yoga

Amala “stainless” Yoga is a Very Rare Vedic Astro Yoga

Solely a benefice in the 10th from the Ascendant (lagna) or the Moon.

“Amala Yoga will confer fame lasting as long as Chandra and the stars exist. One will be honored by the king, enjoy abundant pleasures, have children, be charitable, fortunate, liberal, and gentle, fond of relatives, helpful to others, prudent, pious, and virtuous.”

The 10th house, karma bhava, indicates the manner in which the native performs his actions. Solely a benefice there indicates good actions, directed cleanly with little distractions or disruptions that would be caused by any other planets also being in the 10th. More than one benefice in the 10th would not give “stainless” deeds since the planets would at best be neutrals to each other and would, therefore, only support each other in their mutual indications, while disrupting each other’s indications that are at variance. This yoga is quite common, and by itself does not indicate great results in the dasa of the planet forming the Amala(stainless) Yoga. However, if this planet is also forming other significant yogas, then its dasa is very significant and successful.

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