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Spirituality - April 18, 2013

Lord Saturn in various rashi, Its sade sati and Dasha of Saturn of its 19 year

Lord Saturn in Various Rashi, Its SadeSati and Dasha of Saturn (19 Years)

Satun is 887,200,000 miles away from the Sun; its diameter is 71500 miles. Saturn is surrounded by a system of three concentric rings. These rings are separate and there is only empty space in between any two rings. It appears like a blue ball with three yellow rings. It has 9 upagrah (satellites). It is 700 times more in volume when compared to the Earth, but in weight it is 100 times than the Earth. It lakes about 29 years 5 months and 15 days to transit around the Sun and about 2 1/2 year to transit one sign. Its speed is 2′ per day.


Points to be kept in mind while interpreting the dasa of saturn

1. Signification of Saturn: Longevity, death, reaching to the height after great struggle, slow recognition, slim and sickly constitution, buffalo, horse, donkey, goat, multicolored cloth, teeth, bone, nerve, hair, muscle, coal, oil seeds, pungent taste, imprisonment, demoralization, bondage, servitude, idiosyncrasies, servant, sorrows, injuries, thieves, obstacles, misery, old age, drunkenness, gamblers, woolen, iron, lead, storm, western direction.

2.Diseases likely to be caused by Saturn: Diseases due to spleen enlargement, insanity, deafness, consumption, rheumatism, gout, indigestion, chronic dyspepsia, disease of the gall bladder, rickets, calcium deficiency.

3. Professions indicated by Saturn: Farmer, tannery, leather industry, mining engineering, coal industry, land and property dealings, lead or iron industry, business of oil seeds and grains, gambling or other speculative business.

4. When Saturn is generally strong: When the Sun and the Moon occupy Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra rashi or the Full Moon is in Chitrar, Swati or Revati Nakshatras.

5. Friend or Foe, Saturn: Dasha of Saturn will be very bad for those born in the Mars Dasa.

6. Maha Dasha Result or Sade Sati:  Results mentioned below are subjected to modification if Sadesati (7 ½ years period of Saturn) Ashtama Sani (period of 2 ½ years when Saturn transits the 8th House from the Moon) and Kantaka Sani (period of 2 ½ years when Saturn transits the 4th House from the Moon). Some astrological lexis considers 7th and 10th House also as the House of Kantaka Sani.

7th and 10th House need not be considered as belonging to the Kantaka Sani, though results almost resembling lo that of Kantaka Sani will be felt by the native if the Dasha of Saturn also coincides during its annual transit.

Hence, please remember that wherever evil results are indicated, it should be construed that the intensity of evil results will be increased and where good results are indicated only moderate good results can be expected, except in very rare cases where the result will be extra>ordinarily good.

7. The Dilemma:  Remember (hut the native is a rat and he will be offered a lastly food only to be trapped inside the cage. He should not be misled by seeing the wealth lying at far off places, Enrooted to such a distant place will be filled with full of thorns and if he is struck with any such thorn, it will create a permanent injury. Even if he escapes from such thorn lying in the way, he should be ready to meet the thorns at the new station,

8. The Seventh House Transit:  Since the 7th House is the House of wife, Saturn’s transit through the 7th House will bring in untold dangers and miseries to the wife as also to the children. There will be obstruction to all his undertakings. Loss of wealth, accidents, arguments with subordinates and other lowly placed persons, quarrels with own relatives etc. will be the other results.

9. The 10th House Transit: Since the 10th House is the House of profession and sources of earnings, the native during the transit of Saturn in this House will be deprived of this present position or he will face reversion it in service or incur heavy loss if in business. Relation with his superiors may not be cordial, Subordinates will always be in readiness to create problems and cause dangers.

One of the redeeming features is that a person leading a truthful life need not be afraid of this period. Problems will arise only to those who use short cut methods to earn money through bribes, theft etc.

Saturn will no! Spare evil persons. Hence, any of you amputation of slipping away from the basic line principle should be checked completely.

10.Evil Transits:  Results mentioned above for the Saturn’s transit of 4th , 7th  and 10th  Houses from the Moon will be experienced while Saturn transit through the 8th  House counted from the Moon, which is termed as Ashtama Sani (8th transit of Saturn).

8th House is the House of death, destruction and obstructions. Therefore, the native will have fear of death, face defeat in all undertakings, enmity with all, poverty, accidents, displeasure of the God, trouble to and from the wife and children, loss of position, acute pain in various part>s of the body and fall from the elevated place.

SPECIAL MENTION ABOUT SADE SATHI (7 ½  years period of Saturn)

Sadesati is a fearful term for most of us. Much has been talked and written and much is being exaggerated about its evil effects. Actually it is not so. Saturn is a hot tempered teacher. He cannot tolerate the mischief of human beings. Whenever and wherever a man goes wrong, Saturn will lift his stick and beat such wrongdoer mercilessly. Saturn can do any wrong thing but he cannot allow others to do wrong things, as he is fully matured and we human beings are immature.

He behaves in the same way as inhale of our elders. It is a usual scene in each and every household that elders do so many unwarranted and evil activities. But at the same time when a younger member of such elder’s family does the same act, elders cannot tolerate and they punish the younger one. It is mainly because our ciders know the bad side of such activities which they are unable to prevent due to habit or addiction. They want their ascendants should not follow that wrongful path. Likewise Saturn can do all evil activities but he cannot allow others to do the same thing for the reasons already quoted above.

So the punishment is normally awarded when various periods pertaining to him operates. If we do not commit anything wrong, why are we afraid of Saturn, whereas he comes to the rescue whenever time warranted for.

Saturn does not like the following activities and if any person does such acts during their lifetime, Saturn waits for an opportune time which we call as Kantaka Sani, Ashtama Sani and Sade>sati:

  • Cause trouble to others deliberately
  • Get hold of others land, which does not belong to the native.
  • Deceive others deliberately
  • Feel jealous of others prosperity
  • Sexual enjoyment with women who actually belong to others
  • Prostitution
  • Deceiving of friends
  • Take bribe
  • Awarding punishment to the innocent
  • Commit murder or stand in support of such crime
  • Poisoning others
  • Show disrespect to mother and father
  • Cause trouble to the preceptors
  • Stealing habits
  • Non>return of loan taken
  • Show disrespect to Gods
  • Intoxication etc.

It will be evident from the above points that a truthful and religious man need not have fear of Saturn at any time. Firm belief in God can alter evil propensities of Saturn. We should think of God whenever we get happiness. Not that we should remember him when we are in trouble.

During the operation of Sadesati, the native will confront various unanticipated problems. There may be loss of position and Dishonor. He cannot find interest in any work. If employed, he will face the wrath of superiors. If in business, he will incur heavy loss mainly due to his laziness and the native will have to spend much on the medical bills.


Aries (Mesha): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Aries, the native will face extreme sorrow, downfall both in position and honor. He may get injury due to fall from the elevated place. His body becomes weak due to various diseases,

Taurus (Rishab): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Taurus, the native will enjoy favor of governmental authorities, and will receive honor from the war services, if in the forces. Intelligence will increase.

Gemini (Mithun): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Gemini, the native will enjoy his life in different ways, there will be gain of wealth through thieves and females; shows exemplary courage in war if in military service; will be kind to all and does charitable work.

Cancer(Karka): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Cancer, the native will develop a wavering mind, the reason for which will be the attitude of his wife, children and other relations; contracts diseases of the ears and eyes and his body becomes weak.

Leo (Simha): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Leo, the native will be forced to quarrel with his wife and children on flimsy grounds which at certain occasions may go beyond his control. He cannot find happiness and comforts from any circle.

Virgo (Kanya): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Virgo, the native will have gain of wealth; derives happiness in swimming or other work connected with water, trees and elevated places, which may include mountaineering etc.

Libra (Tula): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Libra, the native will experience all>round prosperity; he will acquire vehicles, ornaments, cloths etc. and will get the blessings of divine.

Scorpio (Vrichik): During the Dasha of Saturn in Scorpio, the native will engage in courageous deeds; undertakes unnecessary travels, mingle in the company of bad and lowly placed persons and become unkind to all.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Sagittarius, the native will get some important position. If in the politics, he may get minister ship or head of some organization. If In military service, he will show extremely courage in the war or service and get elevated position. He will acquire vehicles and enjoy comforts from wife and children. He will utilize most of his time in various types of enjoyments.

Capricorn (Makar): During the Dasha of Saturn in Capricorn, the native will earn wealth by hard work; get help from the down trodden people and females. He may also suffer loss of wealth due to faith imposed upon others.

Aquarius(Khumbha): During the Dasha of Saturn in Aquarius, the native will experience maximum happiness. He may he elevated to some high offices and become an important figure in this family circle. There will be gain of wealth. Enjoys comforts from children. He may gain out of agriculture.

Pisces(Meena): During the Dasha of Saturn placed in Pisces, the native will enjoy benefits through village, city and females. However telling a lie will become a lazy fellow.


Ascendant (Saturn in Lagna): The native will devote more time in the welfare or others. He will forsake his own comforts. His family will also be put to some kind of discomforts not because the native does not care family or he does not love his family but his inherent generosity towards others. If Venus aspects Saturn posited in the ascendant, the native will copy and inmate foreign customs or will get opportunity to experience such foreign customs. His body will become weak and emaciated. The native will lose money through his own negligence. However, there will be general progress in the financial field slowly but steady. First part of the Dasha may not be good.

Second House (Saturn in Dhana Bhava): Saturn in 2nd House aspect by Venus will give only ordinary wealth during the Dasha of Saturn. He will live away from the place of birth and family. No cordial relation with his family relations. He will face extreme punishment even for a mild crime. He will always be in need of money. However, money will continue to come, though less than his expenditure. Some sort of disfigurement or disease to the face and teeth. If Saturn is conjoined with the lord of an evil House (trika), some defect in the leg may also arise. In family life, he will be unhappy. However, the Dasha of Saturn posited in this House may not be had if such Sign is Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius.

Third House: This is a best placement of Saturn; make the native torch bearer to his family. Dasha will be excellent. He will become brave and courageous. He will accumulate wealth and other articles required for leading happy life. This position is not good for brothers. He will rise to a very important post. Success will be achieved only after facing several reversals. For a better result, the Dasha of Saturn posited in the 3rd House should commence during his middle age. It is because a person attains certain amount of maturity only with the advancement of age and the good results mentioned above can be achieved only through matured handling of situations.

Fourth House: According to the generally accepted astrological dictum, Dasha of Saturn placed in the 4th House will be very bad. This is not so always. Excellent results can be experienced if Saturn and the lord of the 4th House i.e. lord of House in which Saturn is posited, inter change.

If the Dasha operates on or before the teen age, the period will mark with several diseases and several minor accidents. There is no luck of inheriting any ancestral property. Even if the native has big palatial buildings and huge amount of money, he cannot enjoy them.

Fifth House: The native will suffer through his son and property, though birth of a son also is a remote question. Can face acute stomach disorder. He will find fault with others and such persons will be waiting for an opportune time for taking revenge. His fortune will frequently change. Hypocrisy will be his business tool.

Sixth House: He will lead a fearless life. He will have the capacity to attract even his enemies.  A voracious eater. Crowned with success. He will accumulate wealth. Secret diseases may develop. If Mars afflicts, the native will suffer from some dangerous diseases. If Rahu is the afflicting planet, the native will suffer from hysteria.

Seventh House: The native will suffer much mental grief on account of his wife. She may have dangerous disease or some kind of deformity. He will become a widower. More than two  marriages. One will be with a widow. He will have his residence abroad. He may suffer from collie pain and deafness. Loss of wealth through contracts, partnership or litigation. Marriage of the native may take place at the age of 23rd or 28th or 31st. Wife though sick will have improper behavior. Tired of her indecent and immoral behavior, he will find happiness in other women.

If Saturn is in own House, she will be the modest and neat woman.

Eighth House: There will be heavy loss of wealth. He will be suffering from various diseases like piles, cough, cholera and his death may take place in a foreign place due to heart trouble, and eye sight will be weak. Lot of responsibilities to be discharged alone. A widower before the age of 38th. Several illicit sexual relationships. His children will cause him pain and grief. Saturn aspect by benefices will give legacy and gain through partnership. There may be a fatal accident. Death of father at a young age. Fortune may shine after the age of 36.

Ninth House: There may be loss of wealth and children. In male deprived of the wife’s comfort. He will be kind to all only to suffer for himself. He may after severe frustration take to asceticism. A well aspect or conjoined Saturn will give a good post. He will be rich. He will construct temples. Period after 36 will be good. If it is in Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius or Gemini, he will have a scientific and philosophical mind and will get name and fame. If afflicted by Mars he may get madness or extreme lunacy. Inheritance is also indicated.

Tenth House: The Dasha will be very bad if the Saturn in this House is without the aspect or association of benefice planet. He will commit several sins. Cause extreme trouble to others. If associated with benefice, the Dasha will prove to be very good. He will accumulate wealth, acquire knowledge of the divine, and get name and fame. He will rise to a very high post and hold several honorary posts. However, prosperity may not be stable. He will not care for his parents and will live away from them.

Eleventh House: An excellent period and position of Saturn. Dasha gives wealth, land and buildings, recognition through government. Great success in all undertakings. He will be devoid of the comforts of children. Worry on their account. Fortune accumulated will be stable. He may be holding a very high position in the government. Maintains a very high religious sentiments> He will follow the footsteps of his father. He will perform several religious rites, bearing through writings and publishing.

Twelfth House: Generally in this position of Saturn makes a person coward. Eye sight becomes weak or complete loss of vision due to injury. Lives in a very poor condition. Failure in plans.

If another malefic is also associated, he will be imprisoned. Commits several severe crimes.

There may be deformity to the leg. Amputation of the leg due to accident; Injury through animals; possibility of suicide or a tragic end;  Sorrow due to death of dear ones.

If the 12th House falls in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, or Saturn with a benefic, the native may not experience all that are mentioned above. He will lead a normal life without many problems.


IF GOOD: “During the Dasha of Saturn, the native will get authority of villages, town or city, gain of grains, camel, ass, birds, or buffalos. He will associate with old women or will indulge in sexual act with women older to him and also get help and co-operation from them. He will get benefits from the government or get employment in government. Money will flow in from different sources. There will be lot of servants to serve the native.”

He may suffer from disease of phlegm, paralysis, rheumatism or gout. Injury to the body may also take place. There may be loss due to theft. Servants will create problems.

There may be gain of wealth through horses and elephants (may mean vehicles), gold and cloth.

He may construct temples for the gods and houses for the saints or Brahmins or priests and attain name and fame not only in his own family but also outside. He will also perform several sacrificial rites. He will develop expertise in the line of his business which will help him to earn good amount of profit.

IF FOE: If Saturn is weak, the native will be subjected 10 all kinds of rumors, imprisonment due to involvement in some murder case, no help from any quarter, enmity with friends, shortage of food, sorrow on account of wife or death of wife, frustration everywhere, failure in each undertaking, loss of money and mental agony. He will be spending most of his time in the company of evil and unscrupulous persons and engage in unnecessary arguments. Tendency of suicide may occur.

Results during the ANTARA Dasha (Sub-periods) and PRATYANTARA Dasas (Sub-Sub-Periods) in the MAHA DASA (Main Period) of SATURN

SATURN > SATURN (3 years, 0 month, 3 days)

This period will be a period of much menial anxiety, much sufferings to the family, bringing in of various diseases, fear of poisonous effect to the four footed animals being brought up by the native, which will cause further loss of wealth to the native. Native will be troubled by the women folk and find himself in a situation where he cannot take any decision.

There may be possibility of sex with ladies who are older than the native. Diseases like fever, wind or phlegm, colic pain, paralysis etc. may set in. Relatives also will cause troubles to the native. He will undertake extensive unnecessary travels. Few circumstances will be created that the native will have to face unwarranted and unexpected abusive of persons placed much lower in position and sometimes such persons may cause injury to the native.

If Saturn is Strong by the way of aspect combined with the position in a good House as well as in a Sign, the native may not face adverse results, whereas he will enjoy all kinds of kingly comforts. Enormous wealth will pour in through various short cut and illegal ways. However, he has to be careful with the womenfolk as his sexual urge with them will land him into disgrace and being black mailed. There will be increase of catties and income through agriculture. He will employ a number of persons and earn wealth through them.

Saturn > Saturn > Saturn (5 Month. 21 days 1 hrs. 24 minutes)

Whatever may be the strength of Saturn in the natal chart, the native cannot have any beneficial results other than some occasional financial gain. This period will be a period of much menial anxiety and sufferings to the family. The native will be tumbled by the opposite sex. Diseases like fever, wind or phlegm, colic pain.

Saturn > Saturn > Mercury (5 Month. 3 days, 10 hrs. 12 minutes)

There will be relief from diseases. He will slowly improve his position and surroundings. He can expect moderate success in his undertakings. Gain through his friends. Full comforts from his wife and children. He will have some additional income. His children can expect favorable results in their studies.

Saturn > Saturn > Ketu (2 month 3 days 4 hrs. 12 minutes)

He will be forced to borrow money not only from his friends and relatives but also from money lenders. Unable to pay back the money taken from the creditors, he will be dragged into court at the appropriate period in other Sub>periods. If Sade-Sathi or Kantaka Sani is in operation, the native will have to beg for his daily bread.

Saturn > Saturn > Venus (6 month 0 day 12 hrs)

Whatever may be the nature of Saturn or Venus, the native will be enjoying a better period than the previous few periods. He may take up some new business activities whereby he can get reasonable amount of profit. He will undertake frequent travel to distant places including foreign countries,

Saturn > Saturn > Sun (1 month 24 days 3 hrs. 36 minutes)

This is one of the most dangerous periods. Persons around him will create severe problems. Father’s health may become bad. Children also will suffer. Medical expenditure will go up. He will be in debt. He has to recite Shiva stotram daily so that there can be slight relief from his sufferings.

Saturn > Saturn > Moon (3 Month 0 day 6 hrs)

Not much favorable results can be expected in this period also. Friends will turn their back as if they are not aware of the problems of the native. Unable to bear the agony of life, the native may even think of suicide. A period of complete mental depression and tension.

Saturn > Saturn > Mars (2 Month 3 days 4 hrs. 12 minutes)

He has to be careful with fire and automobile vehicles as there is possibility of getling bum or injury due 10 accidents. Enemies will try to swallow his assets. There may he property disputes and the native will lose the battle for the time being.

Saturn > Saturn > Rahu (5 Month 12 days 10 hrs. 48 minutes)

Period of depression will continue. There can be no relief from his sufferings. Creditors will approach the court for the recovery of the loan. No one will come forward to help the native. Diseases arising out of impurity of blood and skin eruptions may take place.

Saturn > Saturn > Jupiter (4 Month 24 days 9 hrs. 36 minutes)

This is the period when the native can have slight relief. He will be able to stand up on his own feet slowly. There may be some gain of wealth from unexpected quarters. Creditors can be pacified by repaying a part of loan taken.

SATURN > MERCURY (2 years 8 months 9 days)

This Sub-period will be generally a lucky period. He will have success in all undertakings. If the native is engaged in some business, he must have suffered a serious setback in business during the operation of previous Sub-period i.e. Saturn > Saturn. Now is the time to recoup all that has been lost. He can without any doubt invest and expand the business. There will be full of happiness and enjoyments. He will acquire either new landed properties or inherit land and property. Mind will also be stable. There will be gain through his friends. He will enjoy full comforts from wife and children. He will be invited to attend various functions, get favorable from the government and gain of wealth. He will be spending his spare time in the company of learned persons.

If Mercury is afflicted in the natal chart, not much benefit will be derived during this Sub>period, whereas, if other adverse combinations also exist, even death of the native may Lake Place.

If Saturn and Mercury without strength occupy an evil House either from the ascendant or from the House occupied by the lord of the ascendant, the native may suffer from epilepsy and/or lunacy. Hence it is suggested that such natives should recite “Vishnu Sahasranamam (one thousand names of Lord Vishnu)”.

Saturn > Mercury > Mercury (4 moth 17 days 6 hrs. 36 minutes)

Generally it is a good period. There may be several opportunities to improve his financial condition, Proposals and offers for business or employment as the case may be, will come one by one automatically. This is the time the native should fully capitalize.

Saturn > Mercury > Ketu (1 month 26 days 12 hrs 36 minutes)

While his financial condition will continue to improve, there may be severe health problem not only to himself but also to his wife and children or parents. Expenditure will go up. In spite of increased income the native will find it difficult to meet al! his requirements unless care is taken in spending.

Saturn > Mercury > Venus (5 month 11 days 12 hrs)

This period may not be good for the married persons as there will be frequent friction between him and his wife. While income will increase peace of mind will decrease. Thought that it would have been better had he been not married would develop. Parents of the native as well as of his wife will interfere too much in their life and make the situation still worst.

Saturn > Mercury > Sun (1 month 18 days 10 hrs 48 minutes)

The native will establish his own identity and exercise power and authority. Those who are unemployed can expect an employment during this period. Business will also flourish. Politicians will improve their coordination with the public bull there is danger of some accident and consequent injury.

Saturn > Mercury > Moon (2 month 20 days 18 hrs)

A stable period. Mercury and Moon will help the native to son out all pending issues amicably and evaluate new schemes and programs. Which will prove to be beneficial, Saturn will also assist in the selection and consolidation of the schemes. It would be better if the native select an employment in a steel industry or chemical industry or do business in these items.

Saturn > Mercury > Mars (1 month 26 days 12 hrs. 36 minutes)

While the period may not be bad as far as finance is concerned, there may be frequent conflict with the superiors if in service and if in business, there may be obstacles in carrying out the business. Busi­ness or employment connected with Mars will prove to be beneficial.

Saturn > Mercury > Rahu (4 month 25 days 8 hrs 24 minutes)

This period will be very good. It would appear to the native that the life is sailing very smoothly. However, intermittent health problems cannot be Riled out. Good time for the students to appear in various competitive examinations.

Saturn > Mercury > Jupiter (4 month 9 days 4 hrs. 48 minutes)

A completely changed period as far as the entire Saturn Dasha is concerned. The native will reach be a new height. All his undertakings will be successful. There may be good support from almost every­body to whom he approaches for help. A stable foundation for a stable life can be paved in this period.

Saturn > Mercury > Saturn (5 month 3 days 10 hrs. 12 minutes)

This is the period of treachery> All that have been earned so far will be wasted on the enjoyment of worldly pleasures. This is the time when even a millionaire can become a pauper. Relatives and friends will deceive the native. He will not have any advance intimation of their motto. By the time he comes to know their plans, it will be too late that the native cannot do anything but to bear the loss.

SATURN > KETU (1 year 1 month 9 days)

This period will not be generally good. There will be loss of earned wealth. He wills be forced to dispose up his assets one by one. He will be seeing lot of dreams which will spoil his night sleep and will bring in walking by a person who is asleep. His properties will be destroyed due to wind or fire, Diseases arising out of blood disorder and arthritis will set in. It is advisable that such native should recite hymns in praise of Lord “Karthikeya”.

Saturn > Ketu > Ketu (23 days 6 hrs 36 minutes)

Mixed results will be experienced in this period. Financial condition will be just average. No unusual even is will also Lake Place. Most of his activities will he held up for the time being. A completely relaxed mood. There will be neither laziness nor any extra enthusiasm in doing the work,

Saturn > Ketu > Venus (2 month 6 days 12 hrs)

He becomes active in his day>to>day work. This is the time for consolidation of his past activities. There may be favorable news from a distant place including foreign country. The native may also get an opportunity either to travel to a foreign country or he may get an employment in a foreign country.

Saturn > Ketu > Sun (19 days 22 hrs. 48 minutes)

He will have to face various types of troubles created by the persons of foreign origin. Loss of employment or fear of loss of employment. Failure in politics, Secret enemies will make an attempt to destroy the native. May suffer from severe head>ache and fever

Saturn > Ketu > Moon (3 month 3 days 6 minutes)

There will be slight relief from the evil effects. However, peace of mind will be disturbed on one issue or the other. Health of his mother may need more care. Disputes with superiors and subordinates. Journey to a distant place preferably to southern direction.

Saturn > Ketu > Mars (23 days 6 hrs. 36 minutes)

An evil period which can never be forgotten. He will have to suffer from untold miseries of life. If the native is of the marriageable age, it is better than he does not get married during this period. Destruction to brothers and children indicates.

Saturn > Ketu > Rahu (1 month 29 days 20 hrs. 24 minutes)

This will be another worst period. Whatever suffering was left in the previous period, the native will be experiencing the balance now. Unexpected disputes and quarrels with friends and relatives. Coming of some incurable disease. Separation from wife if already married.

Saturn > Ketu > Jupiter (1 month 23 days 4 hrs. 48 minutes)

Temporarily a good period. Whatever he had not been able to do in the previous few periods, the native should try to complete them now as some success is guaranteed in this period. Those taking up examinations can expect favorable results. Friends and relatives will come to his help both physically and financially.

Saturn > Ketu > Saturn (2 month. 3 days 4 hrs. 12 minutes)

There will be mixed results during this period. If Saturn is powerful, there will be auspicious results like success in all undertakings, flavor from the government, success in litigation and relief from diseases. If Ketu is powerful, the native will quarrel with his wife and children and lead a secluded life.

Saturn > Ketu > Mercury (1 month 26 days 12 hrs. 36 minutes)

Regaining and re>establishing period provided Mercury is not placed in an evil Sign or House in the natal chart. The native must capitalize the period. He can think of investing in suitable long term assets. Investments will also bring in reasonable gain. However, this will be the period of conflict between the native and his close relatives on property matters.

SATURN > VENUS (3 years 2 months)

This is generally a good period. Whatever, may be the nature of Venus or Saturn, the native will be benefited in different ways. He must make up his mind for undertaking new ventures. He can establish, stable profession or business. There will be gain of money through wife, success in all undertakings, company of good friends and relatives, comforts .and happiness and above all full love and affection from all. House constructed during this period will be beneficial for him. He will enjoy in the company of beautiful girls, get happiness from the children, gain of ornaments, increase of fame, destruction of enemies and get authority overland and villages. There can be income through the business of articles which are being transported in ferry or>ship. In other words, gain through import/ exports. Full of enjoyments through women, If Venus is weak; the native will lose his vigour and vitality through ugly women and become prey to hearsay. To further improve the beneficial results and to nullify the evil effect, if any, recitation of hymns in praise of Goddess Durga is recommended.

Saturn > Venus > Venus (6 month 10 days)

Comparatively a beneficial period. This is the period when the native can think of consolidating his financial position. Gain is also indicated through women and at the same lime peace of mind will be disturbed by few of them. If the native prepares himself to meet this situation, he can come out without many problems. Sexual satisfaction will be achieved.

Saturn > Venus > Sun (1 month 27 days)

Sources of getting finance will be widened. Income wilt, in most of the cases be more than the expenditure. However, there may not be any saving mainly due to his extravagant living style. He can expect favor from the governmental authorities or he will have hold over such officials.

Saturn > Venus > Moon (3 month 5 days)

If Moon is not afflicted, there may be birth of a sister. If Moon is afflicted, there may be death of his sister or severe health problems to her. Health of his mother may also be not good. Medical expenses will be on the increase. Unable to get any relief from the diseases, the native and his family will resort to spiritual path.

Saturn > Venus > Mars (2 month 6 days 12 hrs)

Health of the mother and sister will further deteriorate. The native’s wife will suffer from fever and body pain. Quarrels with his wife on flimsy ground, If Venus is afflicted, there may be a divorce or physical separation for some lime.

Saturn > Venus > Rahu (5 month 21 days)

There may be increase in income but all that has been earned will be spent on medical>treatment and on sensual pleasures. Dealings in the articles connected with Venus and Rahu can flourish well. There may be improvement in the health conditions of his sister or mother towards the ending period of this Sub>sub>period,

Saturn > Venus > Jupiter (5 month 2 days)

The best period one can enjoy. Even if Saturn or Venus or Jupiter are combos’ or placed in an evil Sign or House, no untoward incidents will take place. In other words, this period will bring in prosperity, achievement of (be large! and all kinds of comforts.

Saturn > Venus > Saturn
(6 month 0 day 12 hrs)

Financial improvement started in the previous period is going to be stable during this period. There may be chances of some foreign travel or employment. Maximum relief from all diseases. Dealings in the articles associated with the Saturn will bring in good amount of gain.

Saturn > Venus > Mercury (5 month 11 days 12 hrs)

While there will be financial improvement, there may be tack of peace of mind. Excess of involvement in the affairs of women will drag the native into unrepeatable damages. He should be careful while dealing with opposite sex as there is a chance of being deceived by them.

Saturn > Venus > Ketu (2 month 6 days 12 hrs)

Whatever the native was able to accumulate in the previous periods will be taken away or spent during this period. He will suffer loss in business. If in employment, superiors and subordinates will trouble the native. Enemies will try to obstruct the path of success.

SATURN>SUN (11 months 12 days)

Normally this period may not be good. Wife and children will suffer. He will suffer from diseases of the eyes, stomach and intestine. Different kinds of obstructions in the advancement of career, profession and business. Loss of wealth and a feeling of non-existence. Enemies will increase. Undertakes frequent journeys.

However, if both Saturn and Sun are strong and fortified due to ownership or exaltation and at the same time occupy a Kendra or Trikona or they arc owners of ‘Kendra or Trikona, i!ic native will be highly fortunate. Will earn sufficient munch and get favor from the government. If only the Sun is strong, no beneficial results can be enjoyed,

Saturn > Sun > Sun (17 days 2 hrs. 24 minutes)

There will be severe health problems to his father or (o other elderly male members in his family. If Saturn is strong, the native may inherit paternal property during this time. If Sun is strong, the father of the native will donate his property to others depriving the native of getting the property.

Saturn > Sun > Moon (28 days 12 hrs)

If Sun is strong, the native may get inherited paternal or maternal property. There may be frequent disputes with his close relatives on property matters. Diseases arising out of impurity of blood may be developed. In addition there may be dental problem. Mother’s health may need more attention.

Saturn > Sun > Mars (19 days 22 hrs. 48 minutes)

Completely a frustrating period. All his ideas and plans will dash each other and the native may not be able to carry on even his day to day activities. There will be obstructions in early and every activity. Disputes with father and co-borns will reach to a stage where no further compromise may become possible.

Saturn > Sun > Rahu (1 Month 21 days 7 hrs. 12 minutes)

Results mainly depends on the position of Rahu in the natal chart, If Rahu is in the 8th  from the ascendant or from the Sun, the period will be completely a troublesome period. His financial and health conditions will deteriorate. If Saturn is in the 7th House from the ascendant, the health of the wife will be severely affected.

Saturn > Sun > Jupiter (1 month 15 days 14 hrs. 24 minutes)

There may be additional income. Finance may come from unexpected sources. If SadeSati is not operational, the native will enjoy moderately good results. He will take keen interest in they (if ancient scriptures and based on other planetary poison, he will attain name and fame in the spiritual field. His health may need more attention.

Saturn > Sun > Saturn (1 month 24 days 3 hrs. 36 minutes)

This will be a better period provided Sun is not strong. If Sun is strong, there may conflict between various family members. Health of the family members also may become bad. There may be heavy expenditure, Neighbors will become enemies and create problems.

Saturn > Sun > Mercury (1 month 18 days 10 hrs. 48 minutes)

The native will sail through the storm. There may be several obstacles in all his undertakings during the first few days of this period. Thereafter, it would appear to the native that the obstacles, are keeping aside one by one and the things have started moving.

Saturn > Sun > Ketu (19 days 22 hrs. 48 minutes)

A completely frustrating period. Whatever progress he has been achieving during the previous period will come to a standstill. He will struggle hard to maintain the equilibrium. Enemies will try to drag him down. Creditors will trouble the native. Frustrated out of failure in his undertakings, the native will turn to the feet of gods.

Saturn > Sun > Venus (1 month 27 days)

This is the period of regaining the lost position and peace of mind provided Venus is not debilitated in the natal chart. He will be helped by the females. However, health of his wife will become bad. If Venus is debilitated, the native will be deceived by the females.

SATURN > MOON (1 year 7 months)

This period also may not be so good. The native will undergo death like sufferings, dangers to wife and parents, loss of wealth, development of windy disease, Accomplishment of work or desire may be in sight but suddenly hurdles will come in and destroy such opportunities. He should not try to invest in any new business or try to change the existing job. He should manage to stick on to the existing job or business or profession us the case may be to the Sub period of Jupiter. If Moon is severely afflicted, murder of his wife may take place or she may meet with unnatural death, will quarrel with family members and separate from them; develop a feeling of dissatisfaction, discouragement and unhappiness, Natives undergoing this Sub period should recite hymns in praise of Goddess Durga.

Saturn > Moon > Moon (1 month 17 days 12 hrs.)

There may be few auspicious functions in the house of the native and the native wilt have the feeling that the things have actually changed to his favor, But suddenly the entire system will collapse and the native will be in hot water. Health of his wife and mother will him bad, misfortune to his sister.

Saturn > Moon > Mars (1 month 3 days 6 hrs.)

A period of calamities and extreme sorrows. Peace is nowhere in sight. The more the native eagers for peace of mind, the more he is dragged into sorrow. There may be injury due to fall from the elevated place or a minor accident. Theft of his household things may also happen. Fever, jaundice or throat trouble.

Saturn > Moon > Rahu (2 nions. 25 days 12 hrs.)

This will be completely a frustrating period. Skin and windy diseases may take place. Health of his wife and children also may not be good. It is better tha the does not make any financial investment as the period is not good. He can wail till the next Sub>sub>period commences.

Saturn > Moon > Jupiter (2 month 16 days)

The best period for making financial investments / purchases of property / to commence a new business. The native will enjoy general prosperity as the Jupiter takes charge of the entire situation. He will also earn out of writing, publishing or teaching. There will be relief from diseases. Reasonable peace of mind can be expected.

Saturn > Moon > Saturn (3 month 0 day 6 hrs)

This will be a mixed period. The nature of results mainly depends on the position of Saturn in the natal chart as well as in the Annual transit. If Sade-sathi or Ashtama Sani or Kantaka Sani is in operation, the native will suffer to the maximum. There may not be any improvement in his financial status. Instead he will suffer heavy loss in all undertakings. If Saturn is transiting the 3rd or the 11th House in the Annual transit and this Sub > sub > period also is in operation, the period may be termed as very good. He can make financial investment and earn reasonably good profit. He will also enjoy in different ways.

Saturn > Moon > Mercury (2 month 20 days 18 hrs)

Here also the results are mainly based on the position of Saturn. If Saturn is good, there will be excellent results. Marriage of the native is possible. There may be birth of a son or his wife may conceive. Purchase of new properties and income through different sources are indicated. However, his relation with his wife may not be cordial.

Saturn > Moon > Ketu (1 month 3days 6 hrs.)

Whatever benefit he had been enjoying in the previous two Sub>sub>periods will be taken away and the native is thrown into a well from where nobody will come to his rescue. He should not give loan to others. If he doss so, he may not get back the amount paid. He should also not stand surety for others. Heavy expenditure on the treatment is also indicated.

Saturn > Moon > Venus (3 month 5 days)

A period of enjoyment. He will get several opportunities to enjoy with opposite sex. Sex with people older their native is indicated. In some cases U has been noticed that there may not his sexual enjoyment with such females but they will love the native for whatsoever may be the reason and the native will be helped by such females.

Saturn > Moon > Sun (28 days 12 hrs.)

This will be the period of conflict between the body, soul and karma. I f body supports the soul and insist to do good karma, karma will turn his back and in the same way if soul and karma support each other the body will become weak and prevent the native in doing good karma. In other words, the native will try to do lot of things but the circumstances will be so created that he is unable to do anything.

SATURN > MARS (1 year 1 month 9 days)

This period also may not be good. The native will be inclined to travel to foreign land, where he will meet with different problems. Hence it is advisable that he should not accept any offer of foreign posting or employment or undertake any business trip, Fever, hernia and eye diseases may develop. He will always be feeling that death may set in as any time. He should be careful while handling metals and rule>some physical injury or disability may take place. Great loss of wealth. Troubles to wife and other female members in the family. Meet with Dishonor and disrespect. Loss of status and positions. Recitation of hymns in praise of Lord Karthikeya would prove to be beneficial.

Saturn > Mars > Mars (23 days 6 hrs. 36 minutes)

Most of the natives undergoing (his Sub>sub>period is destined to suffer in one form or the other. There will be some beneficial results but only to be taken away more than given. He will be separated from the family. He will be forced to undertake long>distance travels without any benefit.

Saturn > Mars > Rahu (1 month. 29 days’ 20 hrs. 24 minutes)

This is the period when the native will experience extremely beneficial as well as the sorrowful results. One time it will appear to the native that the success is at his doorstep. In front of his eyes somebody else will come and brisk away the success. Heavy expenditure on the treatment of the native as well as his family members.

Saturn > Mars > Jupiter (1 month 23 days 4 hrs 48 minutes)

If Jupiter and Mars are placed favorably in the natal chart the native will enjoy excellent results. There will he unexpected offers of employment if in service or business offers if in business. He will get the support of his wife and children. Friends and relatives will also help the native if necessary.

Saturn > Mars > Saturn (2 month  3 days 4 hrs. 12 minutes

Since both the planets Involved are natural malefic, they will tight with each other. One will try to give benefit and the other will try to snatch them. In other words the native will have to be very cautious whenever some favorable things happen.

Saturn > Mars > Mercury (1 month 26 days 12 hrs. 36 minutes

This will be a neutral period. The life will move Just in an ordinary manner. The native through might want to do several things he may not be able to do so. Most of the time will be spent in the company of wife and children.

Saturn > Mars > Ketu (23 days 6 hrs. 36 minutes)

The native will be forced to undertake several short trips involving additional expenditure. He may not be able to spend much time with the family members. Children’s education will be disrupted. Health of parents will be bad.

Saturn > Mars > Venus (2 month 6 days 12 hrs.)

Leans much on the sexual enjoyment. He will not show any interest in the work. field. There will be only one motto i.e., full enjoyment. Gets addicted to women and wine. He may not find pleasure in his wife resulting in frequent quarrel with her. Possibility of development of some venereal diseases.

Saturn > Mars > Sun (19 days 22 hrs. 48 minutes)

The native will spend his lime by visiting doctors, which means that his health may become very bad and he may not find any interest in his routine. Income will be much less than the expenditure. Enemies will try to take advantage of the situation and swallow his properties.

Saturn > Mars > Moon (1 month 3 days 6 hrs.)

This will be a favourable period for handling financial matters. If Mars and Moon are strongly placed in the natal chart, there will be gain of wealth and other properties. The native will enjoy his life to the maximum. However, health of his mother may need more attention.

SATURN >RAHU (2 years 10 month)

This period also may not be the good, He may get an injury due to fall from an elevated place or tail into a well or tunnel. He may and suffer from fever, boils gonorrhea, severe enlargement of the spleen and skin diseases. There will be heavy loss of wealth. He will quarrel with all and invite enmity. He will not be prepared to accept any advice from anybody, thereby landing himself into acute troubles. He will maintain an extremely intolerable behavior.

Recitation of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is recommended throughout this Sub period,

Saturn > Rahu > Rahu (5 month 3 days 21 hrs 36 minutes)

Mostly the period will be very bad. It” Rahu is placed in Gemini or Saturn in the 3rd or the 11th House in the natal chart, the period will prove to be excellent. In that case, the native can take all important decisions regarding his land, building, business and on any financial mailers. If Saturn or Rahu are not so placed there will be untold miseries and sufferings,

Saturn > Rahu > Jupiter (4 month  16 days 19 hrs. 12 minutes)

Comparatively a better period. This is the time the native can think of doing some concrete things. He may purchase land, building and vehicle. He will enjoy in the company of good friends. There may be paternal inheritance.

Saturn > Rahu > Saturn (5 month  12 days 10 hrs> 48 minutes)

This will be the period when the native will land into various problems. Expenditure will rise to such an extent that he will be forced to borrow money from different people. Such borrowed money will he used for gambling or lottery or for other sensual purposes. Ultimately, the native may reach to a stage of suicide.

Saturn > Rahu > Mercury (4 month  25 days 8 hrs. 24 minutes)

He will continue with his bad habits and land into further trouble. Creditors will continuously trouble the native and he may have to go in hiding. If Mercury is strong, the native may be in a position to regain all that had been lost, towards the ending period of this Sub>sub>period.

Saturn > Rahu > Kethu (1 month 29 days 20 hrs. 24 minutes)

He would have just been able to stand on his feet, there will be some other trouble like the illness of his wife or children or an accident which involves high spending. In other words, he will be again in the same hot water. Such natives should restrain from the excessive spending on sensual matters,

Saturn > Rahu > Venus (5 month 21 days)

At last the native can expect some relief from his financial crisis. Opportunities will be opened up for getting some money. He will try to repay the loans he had already taken. However, his tendency for enjoying sensual pleasures cannot be completely forgotten. Health Of his wife may need more attention.

Saturn > Rahu > Sun (1 month 21 days 7 hrs. 12 minutes.)

A period of conflict with all those who are nearer lo him. He will without any reason be subjected to face disgrace. Even if he does not want to hit anybody. circumstances will make to fight with everybody and invite their wrath> Fever, jaundice and skin diseases are possible.

Saturn > Rahu > Moon (2 month  25 days 12 minutes)

There may be slight relief from the diseases the native was suffering from. However, his peace of mind will be disturbed on some or the other matter. Expenditure on legal mailers may go up. Possibility of his property being grabbed by others or he may !ose them due to his own foolishness.

Saturn > Rahu > Mars (1 month 29 days 20 hrs. 24 minutes)

This is the period when the native will have to be careful. Possibility of accidents and a cut or injury to the body or fear or fire etc., If Mars is in exaltation in the natal chart, the native will purchase landed property or start a new business.

SATURN>JUPITER (2 years 6 months 12 days)

This will be a very good period which the native is going to experience after prolonged evil periods. Confidence will be regained. Eager ness to live and the meaning of life will be fully understood. He will enjoy fully in the company of his wife, children and friends. He will attain success in all undertakings and perform various auspicious functions. Existence of God will be fully realized and will engage in the worship of God, There will he gain of land. He will take keen interest in various arts. Soberness in behavior can be noticed during this period.

Saturn > Jupiter > Jupiter (4 month 1 day 14 hrs. 24 minutes)

After a great struggle which extended for a long time, the native will enjoy a much favourable results. Good news from abroad will cheer him up. He will have the luck of enjoying foreign made articles or he may take up employment in a foreign country. Friends and relatives will come to his help.

Saturn > Jupiter > Saturn (4 month 24 days 9 hrs. 36 minutes)

This period also will be somewhat good. There will be accumulation of wealth, purchase of and building, getting new employment or commencing a new business etc. However, at the *** end of this period, the native will face disgrace in the hands of unscrupulous persons.

Saturn > Jupiter > Mercury (4 month 9 days 4 hrs. 48 minutes)

A still better period. This is the time that the native should really think for investing and carrying out business. Profit is certain. However, if he is not in a position to carry on the business, he will enter into some employment and get good name and fame.

Saturn > Jupiter > Ketu (1 month 23 days 4 hrs, 48 minutes)

A peaceful period. Not much hue and cry. Life will go on in a routine way except where Jupiter is in debilitation, in which case the result will be very bad.

Saturn > Jupiter > Venus (5 month 2 days)

This is the period when a person can really enjoy. There will be income from various sources. He will undertake several jobs at a time and earn name, fame and money. His parents will also cheer him up. He will get full comfort from his wife and children. However, if Venus or Jupiter is in exaltation or is placed in an evil Sign, there may be death or divorce of his first wife.

Saturn > Jupiter > Sun (1 month 15 days 14 hrs. 24 minutes)

This will be the best period for the politicians. They will easily deceive others for the sake of money. If the native is in politics, he can look forward to a challenging task.. Money will come from various sources.

Saturn > Jupiter > Moon (2 month 16 days)

If he maintains a cool head he can enjoy fully during this Sub>sub>period. Since the Moon controls the mind, lunatic persons can also expect much relief during this period as there is Jupiter to look after. The native may go on pilgrimage and enjoy the comfort of his wife and children.

Saturn > Jupiter > Mars (1 month 23 days 4 hrs. 48 minutes)

This will also be generally a good period. Here the main role will be played by the combination of Jupiter and Mars. Hence, the native will enjoy a very good position and all comforts of life. Marriage of the native may take place,

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