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Astrology - April 17, 2013

Is Astrology 100 Percent Correct and there remedy?

Is Astrology 100 Percent Correct and there remedy?

buddy can’t change any one’s destiny : A event have to be occur. A best
remedy for every-time is ‘You’. “God helps those who help themselves ” .
A general remedy is always applicable is that do not go to the
problems, avoid as much is possible which is the best remedy, always!
But using astrology as a tool for mankind you can help yourself to
Safeguard and to be checked. Astrology is a divine science
that has a mix of mathematical calculations and a divine instinct from
the part of the astrologer. Lord Murugan is often considered as the lord
of astrology. There is an interesting folktale which tells why
astrology isn’t hundred percent accurate.

Once Lord Shiva and
Devi Parvathi were telling Lord Murugan about time and it’s uncertainty.
Lord Murugan told Lord Shiva that he was aware of a way to predict the
future. Lord Shiva was pleased and asked Murugan to predict Lord Shiva’s
future. Lord Murugan told Lord Shiva about Astrology and said that
according to it, Lord Shiva would prove his supremacy over Lord Brahma.
Lord Shiva was greatly impressed.But, Lord Murugan added, Lord Shiva
also had the fate to roam the earth as a beggar. Lord Shiva was greatly
angered by this and cursed that Astrology would only be half true from
then on. But, Lord Shiva himself was unable to overcome his fate and had
to roam the earth as a beggar eventually.
Phalit(Predictive) Astrology there are hundreds of combinations and rules which one
has to learn and try to specialize in order to gain more proficiency,
while giving predictions. As there are many missing links and pitfalls,
the general rules of astrology can make even the most sincere Astrologer
stumble and miss the mark, and your Guru can also be one of among

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