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Astrology Yoga - April 14, 2013

Three Guna of Life

Lord Shiva is the owner of three Guna, Rajasik (रजस्), Tamasik( तमस्) and
swastika (स्वस्तिक) so those are eating Non-Veg food and involve in them considering in to
Tamasik guna, also a Part of Lordshiva. That is why lord Shiva is the deity of
Human, Demon and itself GOD(Devo ki dev), he treated everyone’s equally. He is
always trying to balance these three Guna (Swatik, Rajasik, Tamasik) all the
three guna also belongs to us and we are responsible for thou.

So if anyone
will unbalance it then he have to face calamities and transformation of lord
Shiva. So whatever we will do we should not exceed our limitations. If we are
destructing anything also we need to have reap. Like if you’re cutting trees
for your new factory means the same amount of trees you need to plant somewhere
else to protect this Prakriti(the nature, the Devine mother Parvati). Lord
Shiva is Purusha(the father) and divine mother is Prakruti(the nature) without
these two things surviving in this world is Impossible. This above is my
thoughts, you’re is welcome…Om Namha Shivaya

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