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Health - April 6, 2013

Beauty tips for summer

The sun runs on top form – shine with you and stay fresh. With our beauty tips for hot days : Beauty tips for summer

Show perfectly tanned legs

To bikini or short skirt: A beautiful shimmer makes your legs more attractive – and leaner. If you had no time to bask in the sun, tanning helps or tinted gel that rinses off easily again.

Be lightly go

Hot, tired legs come through with a refreshing menthol balm, rosemary or lavender back on the jumps. Who has problems with swollen legs, a cure can take dragees: antioxidants and polyphenols from grape seed and pine bark extract stimulates blood circulation and detoxify in two to four weeks from the inside.

Make eyes

Instead of bright shiny eye shadow dab concealer or shimmering highlighter onto the upper eyelid – a very natural look and makes the sunshine and light candles for a keen eye. To the lashes with lots of black mascara mascara. Best with water-soluble ink that does not smudge when you sweat to the skin fat.

Easily maintain the complexion

Rich face creams are often too heavy in the summer. Emulsions, gels and moisturizers with UV filters offer on hot days in the everyday care enough (on the beach sun protection is generally required). Pull a fast, non-greasy and protect the skin getting around town or in the ice cream parlor from too much sun. The summer hit with dry skin: foam mask with hyaluronic acid and aloe water, the jerk, twitch bolster wrinkles.

Set lips and nails in scene

Fuchsia is the new red this season, the intense pink shade makes particularly good on lips and fingernails. The rest of the makeup adheres to discreetly. Those who do not dares to get to the light color of the lipstick, fuchsia nail polish can first brush on the toenails. Looks great on tanned feet in flip flops and stilettos.

Strengthen the middle

The tummy morning circling massage before showering with a brush or loofah – which tightens the skin and prevents excess fat before. Also effective: a bit of body oil and gently pluck up small areas of skin between your thumb and pointer finger.

Take fresh

If the complexion throughout the day needs a refreshing, fragrant floral water spray or spray with soothing minerals is wonderfully invigorating. Can be sprayed over make-up.

Clever ideas for relaxing moments

Soften wrinkles

Around the eyes, mouth and nose can be little wrinkles with hydrating care concentrate specifically bolster. Dark circles and puffiness soothes a hydro-gel with massage ball.

Hands holding young

The sun brings it to light: age spots caused by an overdose of UVA and UVB rays over the years. Lightening creams hand protection with integrated light they soften and block new hyper-pigmentation. Even driving a car or on a sunny seat in the house apply, because window glass stops no UVA light.

Get lightning fast bare fingernails

No time for an extensive manicure? A sparkling powder with oxygen and plant extracts can make your nails shiny in an instant. Very dry nails helps a nail serum overnight to more flexibility. What else is cool pleasant condescending smile, is in hot times a clever idea: rather lukewarm than cold shower to cool down. Because cold cranking up the blood circulation, the pores are contracted, the heat builds up, and then you sweat even more. Revive and maintain rich shower rooms with citrus notes – who has normal skin, applying moisturizer can save it.

Put your fingers on glossy

A polishing file or transparent lacquer are available day of glamor and act naturally beautiful. Evening put metallic colors shimmering highlights. Original gimmick: nail polish, which conjures decorative pattern on the nail using a magnet.

Radiate energy

The holiday is over or has yet to come? With a home fragrance diffuser, you can go with the nose on the road. Depending on Wanderlust exude fragrant sticks the flavors of Mediterranean Spring Meadows or the energy of blue skies and wide sea.

Easy to dance the night

In Cinderella would have been happy: gel pad with glitter for good support and springy steps in slippers or high heels. For all cases inflicted blisters, relieve the friction on the spot.

Stop shine

A slight mattifying foundation or mineral powder makeup is the ideal base when the complexion or the T-zone light shines. They offer great coverage, suck the sebum and liable on for hours. Who has nothing to hide, transparent powder dusted on the face. Handy for the handbag: Powder Papers to between to matt brilliant games unremarkable.

SOS tips in quickly

Quick help for cleavage

Careless handling of the sun takes revenge on the spot: the skin at the neckline is dry and stressed. Moisture Kick Spray as a mineral salt concentrate. In the long term helps a cream with Sea Silt and Algae Extract the skin to retain water, and can also fade pigmentation.

Pretty blush

Rouge in various shades works as all-rounder for the face: for refreshing, modeling, highlight Set … (Eg “Bronze Harmonie de Blush Rose Brazilia” by Dior).

Hair beach look

Thanks style sea salt spray you do not necessarily descend to the beach feeling in the ocean. In the give and twitches frizzy hair. Also keep updos “salty” better.

Squint? No thank you!

If you do not want to squint, a pair of sunglasses is a must in the summer. For short-and long-sighted that read in bright sunlight or driving a car, there’s an optician with prescription sunglasses. The times are not expensive, and the look is relaxed.

Do not panic if cold sores

They announce themselves with a tingling and coming at the wrong time: annoying cold sores on the lips. Silicon gel dries, heals and relieves the pain. Alternative: a healing plaster that can simultaneously conceals and over makeup with lipstick.

Gentle Deoschutz

Two-thirds of all German women shave their armpits – that lasts quite irritating to delicate skin. Ingenious special deodorant sprays or roll-ons slide the blade better. Good in dark clothing: deodorants that leave no white marks.

Scent from head to toe

Perfumed body powder envelops the skin in a delicate aroma and cools: The powder particles increase the skin surface, sweat evaporate better. Best equal sputtering morning after showering.

As freshly washed hair

Short on time? Simply spray citrus scent refresh spray on dry mane – already unpleasant odors are neutralized, the hair is loose and relaxed.

Enlightenment for the lips

Bright spot for night owls: lipstick and gloss with integrated mirror and lighting – to a perfect pout makeup in the dark.

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