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Health - April 6, 2013

7 tips bring you slim through the summer bikini figure

Vacation in sight! The bikini figure unfortunately it does not. Do not panic, a few pounds too much you get definitely away without strict diet. You need your diet does not completely convert. Small changes enough for success and bring you slim through the summer.

Tip 1: Do not start the day hungry

Late morning and going squashed a cheese stick or a chocolate croissant on the way to the job quickly – is sooo comfortable! And you bring your bikini body no closer. In such snacks heaps stuck empty calories.

Equally unfavorable: persevere despite desperately hunger without breakfast to work and until noon. That is the surest way to accumulate pounds, studies show.

If you like to eat something in the morning, in principle, then you should make it a rule to always eat breakfast, a snack in peace. A small cereal, a slice of bread with low-fat pad – so much time must be. And also right at the table, not between the bathroom and kitchen back and Wurlitzer. But if you are an arrant muffle breakfast and lunch only get hungry, then do not force yourself to do anything. All is well! Your bikini body will thank you.

Tip 2: Always nice enough to eat

This is crucial in losing weight. And rather rare, ie three times a day, eat something sensible than to constantly consume small snacks. Otherwise, the stomach is not filled properly, and the saturation signal is not triggered. You eat something soon, and so is a calorie to another. Good filling foods are foods with protein, so lean meat, fish, eggs and pulses such as beans, peas, soy / tofu.

Rule of thumb: the morning like carbohydrates (cereal with fruit, bread with jam), noon a good mix of protein and carbohydrates (meat / fish / eggs / tofu and vegetables plus potatoes / pasta / rice). Evening rather emphasizes protein (cottage cheese / light cheese, fish, lean ham, plus raw or cooked vegetables). Not as low in the evening: sandwiches, pasta and pizza. At night are many carbohydrates in the body, it burns less fat.

Tip 3: expose fattening

Mostly we pretty much know where they come from, the extra pounds of belly and hips: the ice in the afternoon in the office, the sundowners after work, the cake on the weekend.

Just break the regularity and explain such delicacies the exception. Unfavorable habits make you fat, but not the 5-course dinner, or Grandma’s birthday. In addition to the number of calories boosts metabolism reacts with even more activity in order to be ready.

Tip 4: squander energy

Finally allowed, no you should really sleep squander energy. By miss an opportunity to put into motion. Studies show that three times for 30 minutes of exercise per week for weight loss bring nothing when you otherwise rewarded with lots of privacy.

So, even if it’s difficult: stairs instead of the elevator, more ways to walk … You know.

Tip # 5: Let’s crack

When, if not now? There is so much crisp and aromatic vegetables and this wonderful season fruit. Delicious, low-calorie filling foods. If you do not buy it, the thing makes unnecessarily difficult.

Get in the habit, at each meal to eat fruit and vegetables. Clean up vegetables most of the space on your menu, calorie treats should only play a minor role.

Tip 6: buck on Wok

From now on you will no longer Lunch at the sausage stand, place not in the coffee shop or in the sandwich bar. But the Asians. How about sushi to go? Or a wok dish? The sharper the better.

Chili, ginger and garlic heat up the metabolism and burning fat get started. But ask first whether glutamate is used, which is namely suspected to make you fat. Especially if you often eat much of it.

Tip 7: The cravings whisper what

If the Jieper comes to chocolate, you talk directly with them Tacheles. Ask yourself, for example: “Do I really need this Schokolriegel now I’m not hungry, but just stressed, bored, frustrated …?”

However, you should then keep alternatives ready. Think about what you could be fun instead, maybe call a friend and talk a game, or take in the evening before something beautiful. Also a short walk deflects and distributes a bad mood. Such self-talk from cognitive behavioral therapy are uncomplicated, but effective.

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