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NEWS - April 5, 2013

Life advent, life that has been awaited

Welcome to life advent, life that has been awaited 

This is my
first post and I was inspired by life and its continuously happening,
although I am not good in English but trying to write some of my
thoughts, feeling and suffering that was connected with me.

Below is my very most inspiring story about a Japanese fishing peoples who love fish very much and their advent.

moral of the story is do you have any “SHARK IN YOUR LIFE”? If no then
try to find-out and put shark(someone) into your tank(life) and see the
changes how much you are improving.

Fishing Story 
The Japanese always loved fresh fish. However, the
waters near Japan have not command several fish for many years.
Therefore to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got larger and
went farther than ever.

The farther the fishers went, the longer it
took to usher in the fish. If the comeback trip took over several days,
the fish weren’t recent. The Japanese failed to just like the test.

solve this downside, fishing firms put in freezers on their boats. They
would catch the fish and freeze them puzzled. Freezers allowed the
boats to travel farther and keep longer.

However, the Japanese might
feel the test distinction among recent and frozen one and that they
failed to like frozen fish. The frozen fish brought a cheaper price.

fishing firms put in fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff
them within the tanks, fin to fin. Once slightly thrashing around, the
fish stopped moving. They were tired and boring, but alive.
the Japanese might still feel the test distinction. As a result of the
fish failed to move for days, they lost their fresh-fish test. The
Japanese most well-liked the spirited test of fishes, not sluggish

So however did Japanese fishing firms solve this problem?
However do they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan? If you were consulting
the fish trade, what would you recommend?

Too Much cash 
presently as you reach your goals, like finding an exquisite mate,
beginning a roaring company, paying off your debts or no matter, you
would possibly loose your passion. You do not have to be compelled to
work therefore exhausting therefore you relax.

Like the Japanese
fish downside, the most effective resolution is easy. It had been
discovered by L. Bokkos Hubbard within the early 1950’s.

“Man thrives, curiously enough, solely within the presence of a difficult atmosphere.” — L. Bokkos Hubbard

The Benefits of a Challenge 
The additional intelligent, persistent and competent you, are the additional you get pleasure from a descent downside.

If your challenges are the proper size, and if you are steady capture those challenges, you are happy.
You think of your challenges and acquire energized. You are excited to do new solutions. You’ve got fun.

You are alive! 

How Japanese Fish rest 
keep the fish tasting recent, the Japanese fishing firms still place
the fish within the tanks. However currently they add few sharks to
every tank. The shark grub several fish, however most of the fish arrive
terribly very spirited state.

The fish are challenged. 

So what I want to say?

Do not produce success and be it. You’ve got resources, skills and skills to create a distinction.
Put a shark in your tank and see however so much you will be able to go extremely! 

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