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What is Acupuncture (acupuncture) ?

Acupuncture (acupuncture), The art of acupuncture is based on the combination of the five elements (five elements) and these are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The main meridians are 12: (LU) lung, (LV) liver, (GB) gallbladder, (LI) colon, (ST) stomach, (SP) spleen, (H) heart, (SI) small intestine , (BL) bladder, (KD) kidney, (P) Pericardium, (TW) triple heater and two extra meridians (GV) Governing Vessel, (CV) Control Vessel. Great contribution to the combination of acupuncture points played healer Hua Tuo, who was born in China in 110 of our common chronology. From this and the meridian named Hua tuo jia ji or which in English translates lining spine. In many countries, acupuncture is integrated with conventional medicine. Acupuncture measuring the distances between the points of acupuncture is the term cun (Chun) where one cun is equal to the size of our thumbnails.

Yes, thin needles that we saw in Eastern cinema films and seemed magical, strange, amazing wonder, could help them and us ‘dispossessed’ of the West, and most doctors will not constitute acupuncture even for colds and listening and only laugh with smug irony. Besides pharmaceutical companies to (…) make no profit from some needles holistic effect.

Today, however, with the rapid spread of information and the annihilation of distance, things have changed and this piece of traditional holistic healing, gradually gaining a place even in major universities of the West. Acupuncture, once analyzed, studied and passed clinical trials, ultimately won her interest in Western medicine and in some cases, and its assessment.

What is acupuncture? A therapeutic method based on the introduction of disposable needles in various parts of the body depending on the problem. According to the Eastern traditional medicine, we are healthy when our vital energy flows smoothly to the 12 meridians (energy channels imaginary) associated with the various institutions or when there is a balance between yin and yang. The problems begin when the smooth flow of energy is blocked. The same course was also known to this principle underlies healed, Asclepius, Alkmaion of Crotona, Hippocrates, Galen and other ancient sages doctors, but also younger as Jean-Jacques CREVECOEUR The language of therapy

>> How does Acupuncture? Acupuncture helps restore the smooth flow of energy in the meridians. Indeed, improving the overall situation of our organization and does not focus on just one particular symptom. But we also need the mental-spiritual human participation to be a possible outcome. The use of acupuncture is not an obstacle to any medication or invasive treatment instead may develop other western treatments. It’s painless. Works where the medication can not bring the desired results. Cooperative action to bring any medications the patient is taking. Have effects greater than 70%. Long lasting (months or years). Reduces chronic degenerative disease symptoms and medication. Cure the acute or chronic pain. Generally stimulates and rejuvenates the body. Has an acceptable economic cost of treatment.

>> For what conditions appropriate? The World Health Organization recommends acupuncture for about 40 diseases. Mostly known for the analgesic effect and is used for the relief of pain, e.g. in cases of inflammation, tendonitis, whiplash, back pain. It also helps in controlling habits (eg, smoking, obesity), but also in treating dermatological problems (eg psoriasis, eczema), respiratory (eg asthma, bronchitis) and digestive (eg example ulcer, gastritis).

Still, act positively in women with dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, emminopaf-tional symptoms and enhances the fertility of men and women. Often used in dentistry (eg pain after extraction) in otorhinolaryngology problems (eg tinnitus) but the headache. Finally, it can reduce stress levels, and has antidepressant effects, especially if the man realized the holistic effect and live according to their health rules.

>> αρκετές είναι οι περιπτώσεις θανάτου από βελονισμό που έχουν αναφερθεί.”>> Research: According to a recent review published in «The International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine», are several cases of death from acupuncture have been reported. Indeed, many of them seemed to be due to perforated lungs and heart, because error placement of the needles. This shows how important it is to reach out to trained acupuncturists. as well as properly trained practitioners of traditional medicine. Make sure your doctor (classic or holistic) that will assign your problem, be experienced and above all moral.

>> What to expect from acupuncture? Whether acupuncture will cure, prevent or will contribute to addressing a problem depends on the disease, its severity and the man himself. Not all organizations respond to treatment with the same rate and to the same extent. Of course, as mobilizes the natural defensive ability of the body, thought to enhance the immune system.

>> Are the results permanent? The duration of the results depends on how you live the life of man, ie, if stress, bad thoughts, if nourished with food blood (meat, milk) if you drink heavily, much stress on the body . Thus, for example, a simple maintenance every 2-3 months, the simple headache does not return. In contrast, sedentary lifestyle and excessive stress increase the likelihood at some point the problem to reappear.

>> What does a cure? Initially, the acupuncturist will take a complete medical history, which is why the West should be a doctor. Then, depending on the problem and experience, it identifies and selects acupoints stimulation technique (eg simple acupuncture). The needles are steel, disposable, thin and usually feel a slight sting. The treatment lasts 20 to 30, depending on the problem-and this time the needles are kept in special places.

>> How many sessions are usually required? Number of sessions depends on the problem, the severity and chronicity of. Thus, a chronic problem not be solved with one meeting, while a sharp pain can be treated and even the first time. Usually, we start from a base of 10 sessions at a rate of 2-3 times a week. Can eg someone who suffers from migraines 20 years need 20-30 sessions. Usually, from 5th to 7th acupuncture appears improving, and sometimes occurs in the last session, which is associated with the cumulative effect.

>> The role of man? Method is holistic, that is why the participation of man in it is important. As in western medicine, so in acupuncture, psychology, his attitude, his determination to play a big role. Of course, even if one is unaware of acupuncture, the action is so intense that there is improvement. Acupuncture aims to treat reversible functional symptoms, diseases and syndromes leading to inner balance and self-organization of every living organism.

Various Pains:
1 / Headache
2 / Migraine
3 / trigeminal neuralgia and facial palsy
4 / Toothache
5 / intercostal neuralgia
6 / pain cervical spine
7 / joint pain, upper and lower extremities
8 / Sciatica
9 / Backache
10 / Osteoarthritis
11 / Myalgia
12 / Fibromyalgia
13 / Sports Injuries
1 / Psychological instability

Mental Disease:
2 / Insomnia
3 / Phobia
4 / Melancholy
6 / Anxiety
7 / Addictions (apnisma, alcohol, drugs)

Neurological diseases:
1 / Paralysis of upper and lower limbs
2 / Diseases convulsive
3 / Meniere Syndrome
4 / N. Parkinson
5 / N. Alzheimer
6 / amyotrophic lateral Slirynsi (ALS)
7 / Myasthenia Gravis
8 / MS (SM)

Diseases of the gastrointestinal system:
1 / Gastritis
2 / stomach and duodenal ulcer
3 / Vomiting
4 / Colitis
5 / Anorexia
6 / Obesity
7 / Enteritis and diarrhea
8 / Constipation
9 / N. Crohn

ENT diseases:
1 / Tinnitus
2 / Vertigo
3 / Allergic Rhinitis

Ophthalmologic disorders.

Diseases of the heart:
1 / vascular Diseases
2 / Hypertension (idiopathic)
3 / Hypotension

Diseases of the respiratory system:
1 / Common cold
2 / Bronchitis
3 / Bronchial Asthma

Hematological diseases.

1 / Herpes Zoster
2 / Psoriasis
3 / Acne

Diseases of the uro-genital system:
1 / Birth rates declining
2 / gynecological disorders
3 / menstrual disorders and menopause ryseos
4 / Premature Ejaculation
5 / Erectile Dysfunction

Cosmetic medicine
1 / wrinkles
2 / cellulitis
3 / Antiaging Treatment

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH)

1 / nausea and vomiting associated with cancer therapy

>> Acupuncture and beauty; This is a major innovation in the field of cosmetic treatments that promise to rebuild the architecture of the skin. We attempt to change the structure of collagen and elastin within the skin, replacing the aged collagen with new, healthier and more durable, but with a larger volume. The cosmetic acupuncture intervene in all layers of the skin and not just skin-like most other treatments-tapping even muscle layers of the face.

The aim is to reconstruct the skin to help improve blood circulation, stimulate fibroblasts (the cells responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin) and normalize biorhythms of the skin cells, following the biological rhythm of the 28 days required the skin to rejuvenate. Over the years, the rate of regeneration of the skin decreases considerably. So it is important to re-treatment, which updates the regeneration of the skin with dramatic results seen from the very first treatment. The period of treatment depends on factors such as the age or the skin, while the ideal age to start the treatment is close to 30.

The biggest, however, a patient I have undertaken in England is 82 years old and looks like 60! The cosmetic acupuncture contraindicated not only when preceded by treatments such as Botox, but are complementary. Especially for these cases, I use a specific technique that helps the microcirculation of the skin (which is reduced significantly by treatments such as Botox). At the same time, with cosmetic acupuncture treated patients with unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries, and serious skin disorders (eg eczema, psoriasis, acne).

Acupuncture is not a panacea. Applied alone or in combination with other modern treatment – diagnostic instruments. The specialist physician knows the limits and the effectiveness of each treatment applied and can properly advise their patients. Of course not mean compromising on patient safety.

Depending on the conditions of the permanent effects of acupuncture treatment amounted to a 60-80%

Succinctly acupuncture
* It is a holistic medicine that enables the body to heal itself
* It addresses the root of the problem, not just the symptom
* It is painless to implement the
* Often more effective for chronic diseases of Western medicine
* It is a natural healing method that supports the body, instead of invasive procedures with drugs or surgery
* It has been proven that it helps to fertility problems
* It has an extremely low probability of adverse

One main reason is the safety of treatment. The use of acupuncture is not an obstacle to any medication or invasive treatment instead may develop other western treatments. It’s painless. Works where the medication can not bring the desired results. Cooperative action to bring any medications the patient is taking. Have effects greater than 70%. Long lasting (months or years). Reduces chronic degenerative disease symptoms and medication. Cure the acute or chronic pain. Generally stimulates and rejuvenates the body. Has an acceptable economic cost of treatment.

To become an acupuncturist and uses needles and moxa, is primarily required to have a degree in classical medicine. In Greece there is still Acupuncture School. There is only the Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but also Japanese acupuncture, the Korean acupuncture etc.

In 2010 UNESCO included the acupuncture list Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, at the request of China.

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