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Science - March 25, 2013

A Venom from BEE can kill HIV virus without harming the body

Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered bee venom can kill the HIV virus without harming the body.

Scientists have discovered a powerful toxin in bee venom that could end up playing a crucial role in preventing the spread of HIV.

HIV is way smaller than the nanoparticles and fits in between the bumpers. once HIV comes across a nanoparticle it goes in between the bumpers and comes into direct contact with its surface, that is coated with the bee poisonous substance, that destroys it.

Nanoparticles containing bee venom poisonous substance melittin will destroy human immunological disorder virus (HIV) whereas at an equivalent time departure encompassing cells unscathed, scientists from Washington University college of medication reportable within the March 2013 issue of Antiviral medical aid.


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