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Recreation - March 30, 2012

What Aquarium Freshwater Fish to Choose

A good aquarium freshwater fish that live harmoniously along with many other fishes is absolutely enjoyable to look at. A freshwater aquarium is worthwhile and magnificent. A key benefit of insuring that your freshwater aquarium fishes are healthy is that they offer you back a healthier as well as more energizing environment to your own home. Unique shades of color and varieties of fishes create a livelier and uplifting healthy environment which can improve tone down your anxieties.

The initial thing to do that you need to bear in mind when choosing a freshwater aquarium fish is to assess which specie is certain to get along well with other species. Not all fish specie can harmoniously live with others. And it is definitely a bad idea to let these non-compatible species live together.

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing pet fishes is the size. The reason why size matters is that if some of the fishes inside your tank are bigger than others, then the bigger ones might end up preying on the smaller ones. If this is the scenario of your tank, soon enough you will no longer see the same tank that you once filled with various beautiful and colorful aquarium freshwater fish species.

The most sought out aquarium freshwater fishes are goldfish, catfish, rainbow fish, cichlids, puffer fish, and gars. Your goal when choosing fishes would be to keep the community of your tank friendly and calm. Therefore knowing which species could live pleasantly well together is very important.

If you would like your aquarium to be more dynamic by having different species that vary in colors and forms, then you need to choose a bigger tank. This would allow the fishes to move freely inside the tank.

Fishes have their own place where they are most comfortable at. Top feeders are fishes who like to live close to the surface of the water. Middle feeders are fishes who want to swim around at the center, and the bottom dwellers are the ones who want to stay around the bottom of the tank and eat the food that drops there. Among these types of fishes, the bottom dwellers are the most helpful to the fish community. They eat the food that touches the bottom of the tank and prevents these substances from ruining and spoiling the tank that can possibly cause numerous diseases. They also help prevent algae from increasing.

Some of the fishes who can get along very well with others are the following: plecostomus, sword-tails, gouramis, guppies, danios, cory cats, gold fishes, and corydoras catfish who are excellent bottom dwellers.

Whichever aquarium freshwater fish you have decided to keep, the most important thing to remember is to be patient and responsible to your pet fishes.

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