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Society - March 30, 2012

How To Let A Guy Know You Have a Crush On Him

Okay, so there is this guy that you have a large crush on and you have no idea about ways to get him to feel in the same manner as you do. What you would like to know is how to tell a guy you want him, although not make it seem more serious than what it truly is.

I mean you just wish to let him know that you’re looking at him and you wouldn’t mind if he asks you out.

I think you are over worrying because letting a guy know that you have an interest in him is not as difficult as you are making it. All you need to do is to follow some of my below mentioned tips and you’re good.

Look in the eyes – Looking into the eyes of the guy tells a lot more alone. Guys know that when girls make eye contacts it is possible that the girl actually has an interest in you. So if you make eye contacts with the guy, you are actually telling the guy about how you feel.

Talking — There is nothing wrong if a girl may be the one to begin the actual dialogue which is yet another way of telling the guy that you want him. Besides, you will have to end up speaking with him anyhow, so you might want to do it now itself rather ruining your chances.

Tease – If you don’t want to give him the wrong idea and still want him without giving the belief that you’re already in love with him, then simply take off the teasing a little bit, nevertheless make sure that it’s still present. Teasing really works with men and helps in creating that spark of interest for you.

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