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Most basic myths about alcohol

I must say that the myths about alcohol is not really so little, so that in this paper, we can hardly list them all well, except that the most basic. Myths about alcohol:

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.
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1. Drink coffee – sober quickly
This is nonsense. Caffeine contained in coffee, can cause you a slight increase in attention, but does not reduce the concentration of alcohol contained in the blood. Moreover, a cup of coffee can lead to what will become harder to accept the fact that you’re drunk. Experiments on mice have shown that caffeine causes a state of emotions in animals, but does not affect the improvement of motor coordination and cognitive skills. Mice, in particular, did not respond to stimuli that are well known, and they know that they are very unpleasant for them. Thus, a cup of coffee after drinking alcohol can trick someone who thinks he’s still sober.

2. First beer then wine – you wake up as a cucumber. First wine, then beer – will suffer from a hangover.
Another myth about alcohol by having a little ground. From the chemical point of view, no matter in what order is mixed alcohols, and no matter what the fortress. Will we have a heavy hangover, depends only on the amount of alcohol consumed. The explanation of this myth can be justified by the fact that when you first drink wine (which is stronger than beer), alcohol contained in it, reduces the sensitivity, which allows to drink more beer.
Considering the colored alcohols such as bourbon, a hangover can be difficult. They have more by-products during fermentation, thus more damaging to us.

3. Shake, but do not mix
James Bond was right? Yes! Shaken martinis have a milder taste than blended. What’s the difference? One suggestion is that martini shaken has more microscopic shards of ice, making it a more pleasant texture and taste fuller. Although if you leave it in the martini and take for example syrup, Grenadine, then mixing it with other drinks produced more refined versions.

4. Chaynaya spoon in the neck of an open bottle of champagne bubbles longer retains
This myth is an alcoholic, however, no serious scientist was not investigated. Reporters asked friends, so they tried champagne, which remained open with a spoon, and without it – and then compared. It was found that the spoon does not improve the taste.

Champagne drunk faster

And this myth is an alcoholic and not a myth, but the truth. The secret lies in the bubbles. Alcohol in a form that is absorbed more quickly than we think. No one knows why, but to the end. However, theory suggests that the bubbles stimulate our valve between the stomach and duodenum, which he quickly opened. Thus, alcohol, and does not stagnate in the stomach, and immediately gets into the intestine and thus – in the blood.

6 .Eto Dmitry Mendeleyev created the optimum strength for vodka – 40 percent.
Finally, two years ago refuted the rumors. It was found that the vodka contains about 40 per cent alcohol, was introduced in Russia in the late seventeenth century, long before the birth of the famous chemist who created the table of elements.

Dmitri Mendeleev, in fact, worked on a combination of alcohol and water, but his work did not play a role in regulating the strength vodka-producing plants.

7. Only high-quality wines are left legs or tears on the glass cup
This is one of the myths about alcohol. These traces do not depend on the quality of alcohol. Legs or tears Uniting sometimes a crown, you can see, when pouring the wine into the glass and tilt it. Alcohol, which wets the glass, immediately begins to evaporate. The wine (containing ethanol, water, etc.) has a lower surface tension than pure water. Communication is weaker and alcohol evaporates faster. This leaves the walls of more water. As a result, this mixture has a strong surface tension than the contents from the bottom of the glass, which pulls the wine wall. It creates a picture in which the liquor is flowing against gravity. However, this does not mean its quality.

8. Absinthe – hallucinogen
Green Fairy“, which recalls Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and Vincent Van Gogh, has a nasty reputation. Such that the majority of European countries have banned the sale of absinthe in the early 90s of last century. But now we realize that this is an alcohol myth.

Absinthe (he has a distinctive green color) produced from the extract of wormwood grass and includes a well-known component – thujone. He was suspected of hallucinogenic properties, but it is not. However, it is toxic to nerve cells, and in high concentrations causes convulsions. Iscledovaniya prove that absinthe is not in such high concentrations of toxins, so as to cause us harm. As a result, most experts believe that the tragic consequences of drinking absinthe, were not associated with the presence of thujone. Absinthe has a very high alcohol content (up to 70 percent.) And it is often added to the toxic methanol instead of ethanol.

9. Bystro drunk man who prefers to drink through a straw
This myth probably stems from the fact that drinks are drunk through a straw, contain fruit (juice, taste) that mask the taste of alcohol. This means that we drink it faster, and more. Another explanation is that a straw drink alcohol more often than women who are less likely than men to learn it. In addition, the treatment of alcoholism in women, too, is much harder than men.

10. Beer drinkers often – with a big belly
If this were true, the Czechs should have stomachs more than people in other countries. This is because they drink the most beer per capita than any other nation in the world. However, studies of almost two thousand Czechs did not find such a deviation.

11.Est many good ways of a hangover
After studying the various products on the possibility of removing the alcohol withdrawal syndrome (with bananas, glucose, artichoke, aspirin and other drugs) was only one conclusion – there is no scientific evidence. There is the illusion that by some miracle drug may help fight a hangover – it is also a lie.

This is because a hangover is dependent on many factors, not only on alcohol. Lack of sleep, smoking, obesity, snoring, and all that is often accompanied by drinking, does not give the opportunity to find a middle ground.

But do not worry, you can belong to one quarter of people who are immune to the hangover. Such resistance is likely due to genetic differences between people who are responsible for how and how quickly alcohol is absorbed by them.

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