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Society - February 24, 2012

Do not let your relationship fall into the routine, have sex with imagination

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Do not let your relationship fall into the routine, have sex with imagination

The big secret to keep from falling in routine or damage the relationship is to overcome the usual or losing the positive aspects of life together. But of course everyone prefers predictable relationships, partly because it is more comfortable and, in part, because then we save energy in a world in which we are already struggling and dealing with so many changes. Experiments have their price because they cause changes in an area where we are protected and safe. However it is worth remarking that the pleasures to be discovered when it is more creative may very well overcome such disadvantages. The break established routines makes life more exciting and surprises can be highly exciting.

The spontaneous sex itself proves a mutual attraction and are not simply reacting to stimuli in predetermination moments. The relationship as a whole becomes more open, honest and relaxed.

With common sense, creative games renew and increase sexual pleasure without any risk to the couple’s relationship. The fundamental rule is to keep an open mind, without creating obstacles or rejection. What at first may appear to be ridiculous or perverted in some point of excitement for the partner can mean a great source of imagination. After all, within all this maze of discoveries, store, rather, thousands of desires and secrets.

In terms of imagination, it does not mean fantasy. A fantasy is a mental mechanism, conscious or unconscious, to extend or create sexual desire. But the imagination is a faculty almost entirely unconscious, that we use to zoom in on any activity in our lives and not just sex.

Living with someone extremely creative can be an arduous task, and can be a great pleasure, because what seems to satisfy everyone shows up for the creative person as insufficient, leaving her uneasy. It does not matter much in most of the tasks of life, because their needs can be made from other sources – perhaps out of the house and certainly outside the relationship. But when it comes to sex, most want to find the answer to your needs at home. It is when it is expected that the” true love “in their sexual and emotional aspects, extends throughout the life of the couple. What, unfortunately, for many, this is an illusory hope. However, a more creative behavior in relation to sex can enrich the lives of two.

No more hiding! For most couples, the most common place to make love is the fourth, and, in general, just before bedtime. Research shows that around 22 hours is the most popular time for sex. But they also show that many like to make love in the living room, bathroom, at any time of day. As for the semi public places are a big attraction for the couple creative. The mystery involved and the excitement of being seen or caught can add something to the experience. It is clear that you should avoid people feel offended by these games, but making love in the backseat of the car, in the hallway of the house, or under the stars provides a delicious variation.

Now, when people are on vacation, they tend to be more encouraged. They feel relaxed and end up ignoring their conventional roles. That is why only some women have orgasms during the holidays because they know, for example, that children will not hear their cries. Further assume a new kind of personality and show sides unknown. There is nothing surprising to say that many novels during the holidays gives more certain. As if time stood undivided and could become another person, even if only for two weeks. Remember, to exit the routine, the imagination is everything!

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