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Society - February 8, 2012

Learn the most important laws for success with women for upcoming valentines day

When I my friend Deb in the U.S. Last year he had a fabulous experience. He learned that the world’s foremost expert of seduction was in town teaching a novel about the most important laws of seduction. He love women but unfortunately He was not born a Brad Pitt. On the contrary, until a few years ago He was pathetic when it came to conquer women. You know that feeling of not knowing what to say to approach that woman you’re interested? And worse, when you approach her but soon not know what to say and they are dumb! What a horrible feeling, is not it? He do not like to remember this!

As He was saying, He was not very good with women and that’s where his interest came to learn more. He saw that as well as learning math, learn how to seduce was possible. This story of “just being a nice guy” is all bullshit and you should already know this. You may have noticed that there are good guys who get along well with women. By contrast, women in most cases only take advantage of “nice guys”, take advantage of the insecurity they exhale, enjoy the money they offer and to extend the red carpet.

Then when someone comes to say … “Man, they really like is money.” But this is not a correct statement. Okay, I agree that money to help because without it your skills will really be tested. If you have no money and has no ability will be even more difficult. But the most common out there and see ugly guys and not much money with amazing women. And besides, if you do not have money and think well, what will you do? Expect to get rich women to win? And if you have money, what will you do? Staying being used by women? Credit your success just by what you have in your wallet?

He Said, I’ve read a lot of material about seduction and learned a lot over the years. But I’ll tell you who never had one when I was learning so much while attending this course. Mainly because all the laws were formulated in a very concise and objective. And most interesting is that not only were ready formulas but when you understand the concepts that you can develop your own formulas and applications in each case of a lifetime! Pair me it makes all the difference because their possibilities are endless and the ability to adapt and learn something very important to deal with different women and different situations.

I was sitting there almost four hours and would not blink to miss nothing of what was being said and shown. How many interesting things!

This post is considered a compilation of  most powerful laws of seduction also it will helps you in this upcoming valentines day.

I am very stilted to be going over what you learned.

Among the concepts that you will also learn are:

A HUGE KEY to Confidence – You will learn to exercise special five minutes when done daily transforms your self-image to a state more charismatic and confident … to the extent that women can literally FEEL your presence when you enter the environment (I have also started doing that and the business really works! Awesome!)

 A FATAL ERROR that men make that prevents them from EVER having success with women … and what to do instead (almost ALL men make this mistake and it causes can not earn more than women or that women can achieve low level. The worst is that nobody realizes that you are making this mistake. but now .. you will know … and will learn how to fix it fast).

A new way to really INCORPORATING any skill – whether related or not to conquer women – twice as fast (Secrete With this you can trick your brain into thinking you are already an expert in performing a particular skill to play it … so perfectly ALL TIMES. You will use this technique to teach you how to approach women, pick up the phone number to meet them and FULLY a woman in bed in just a few days.)

How to avoid a very common bad habit that transmits instantly the woman – and everyone around you – you are a COWARD … even if you “seem” to be abroad a confident guy (If you do not REALLY work this internal question you’re probably making this mistake now!)

How to make a woman happy to make YOURSELF happy (This is how “jerks” do women want them to be “selfish” … But you know they have a way to do this WITHOUTBEING a scoundrel … and this is actually MUCHMOREPOWERFUL! You can learn in just 4 minutes!

How to permanently repel negative people in your life and attract people who will take you POSITIVEUP, for their level of success (Use this technique to meet and make friends of men who are already good with women, or any kind of mentor personal or professional you need to reach their full potential as human beings)

An important skill that brings success with women in your life even when you’re not chasing it. This unique ability makes the woman notices you and YOU choose among all men in the … or among all the men she sees as potential partners … (The reason why 20% of men win 80% of women’s right here … and once you master this you will literally RACING women for you)

As men FINISH his chances of long-term success with a woman SINCETHEBEGINNING … and what to do instead to make her want you as YOU want.

The secret to growing a business that works for your MULTIPLY success with women in a very short time (you’ll be hit for not having known this before … and see that it is easier than you might think)

The secret to making women chasing YOU and stay interested in you, which requires no effort on your part (In fact … this secret involves putting LESS effort you are putting now … but at the right time and in certain situations … is simply INFALLIBLE! You will learn to create an attraction that HARD!

4 things to a woman INSTANTLY show you is not “man enough” for her … and that she should start looking elsewhere to find who really is (If you ever had a woman who seemed interested in you suddenly lose interest, probably because you accidentally made one of these four things fatal. You will learn what them and how to eliminate them from your life quickly, never to commit such mistakes again.

How do you CONSTANTLY women are finding interesting, attractive and available … without having to “get out of your routine” … of course … and in a way that make them want to meet YOU.

A simple technique to “trick” yourself to automatically behave as if he had to leave more women than you can handle (you will radiate confidence that women will feel at the time … and will realize that you are the man they need to know.)

The two main enemies of attraction (Hint: This has NOTHINGTODO with looks or money, but everything to do with two parts of his personality that can cool a woman subconsciously … so that she can not explain WHY it is not interested in you. You will learn what they are and how to correct them.

A simple but unnoticed to meet DOZENS of new women each month that works in any city and no matter your age … and no matter how many other men are already doing it.

How to make a woman want more you say “No” at crucial moments in which most men say, “Yes, please!”

You become a common way the pharmacy or supermarket in best meeting the woman ever had. (This is one of my FAVORITE because it is so effective that much fun … you’d be crazy not to use it with every woman you meet from now on)

How to make a woman ALWAYS wanting more … is a conversation … caring … or sexual satisfaction (This is the KEY to create an incredible sexual connection quickly … You will feel that it is tied to you if you make the right way and you’ll learn exactly how.)

One way to end a phone call from a woman and leave her thinking of you constantly … and dying to meet you.

A special technique to use when you feel you are losing power to a woman (When you meet a woman who messes with your head and leaves you bewildered you’ll thank yourself for having learned this technique … because it completely changes the situation and puts YOU back in control … even if the woman is more experienced than you in the game of conquest.)

One way to create sexual desire and passion quickly that even the smartest women will not realize (This will leave women very interested indeed!)

How to develop a style of being James Bond in your life so that you become an intriguing man that women want … and how to pass the image that you are IN FACT this man without saying anything … curiosity increasing it.

How to change your source control INTERNALLY … so that external events and situations with women does not affect you … more No more rejection will bring you down … and every experience that you pass will become a valuable lesson that improving your skills with women.

The difference in how men who are really good with women see themselves and that women perceive instantly. (You’ll learn how to make it a permanent part of your self-image and move to the women that you are the best of any group of men)

A very common thing that men do that reveals his weakness and insecurity as they are only thinking they are being “educated.” That you need to know because it is a VERY common mistake and commits its full achievement.

Why you should never give approval with the intention of also receiving.

How to plan your life for maximum success with women … from small things, small details of everyday life until the great things … and create a life that success with women comes without effort. Strive to know and conquer women is one thing you will not have to do!

And much, much more …

Some say that in love and war anything goes, but when it comes to seduction should not waste opportunities and learn to invest in certain points, highlighting our strengths and what we can do much better at the time of the conquest, so the arrow to be accurate, there are certain secrets, real weapons of seduction that can help a lot in the hour of victory, check out:

  • To begin with nothing better to demonstrate his interest in the cat through body language, gestures and after certain signals can say more than many words, who doubts the power that has a look? But for that body language works must act simply, naturally and without exaggeration, that the gestures and signs are not common. It subtly moving in the hair, giving that beautiful cross-legged, looking into the eyes of the applicant and sustain for some time looking, subtly and temporarily diverting the eye with a slight smile, arms and legs move with delicacy and subtlety, it is important to let body talk, but do not forget, no exaggeration
  • Being sexy is not the same as being vulgar, so careful at all costs want to draw the attention of cat with forced smiles, talking too loudly and showing off too much, use intelligence and strategies do not profanity.
  • All we can do to further enhance their beauty, do it! So do not think twice about choosing a look that enhances your strengths, Caprice in makeup and heels abuse, but do not forget that all production should match your style, it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease with the mirror after all no one critical of the fashion and better to say what goes in or not than us than ourselves.
  •  In the care for the look and feel, also invest in a good perfume, and fragrant as a woman is able to make his mark. Use the perfume in his favor, the tip is to look for fragrances that match your style and personality. Use it strategically in hot areas of the body like the inside of the wrist, behind the ears, behind the knees, because in many cases the scent acts as a true aphrodisiac.
  • When the cat come to you wrap it in attention, so listen carefully everything he is talking, ask questions, finally, show interest. This is a good tactic for those who seek to discover a little more or new things, the important thing is to make you feel important and special.
  • Another weapon at the time of the conquest humor is essential for all levels of relationship, after all, who would be interested in somebody morose and grumpy? Remember ugly face away from people, learn to laugh at the right times and also their mistakes transforms situations which at first could be quite embarrassing for great opportunities approach.
To be able to stand out from the fierce competition in the race of female seduction, the experts listed five special tips. Check out:

  • High spirits and good humor are the key to achievement. No man likes to be in the company of those who complain and talk about problems all the time;
  • Maintaining confidence will help to enhance the strengths. Who is on good terms with his own body, can show the attributes that both mexerão with his imagination. No surrender right away, play “hide-shows”, ie, if the skirt is short covering her breasts with a discreet blouse;
  • Highlighting the male femininity arouses curiosity. Nothing to talk and laugh too loudly, discretion counts points in its favor. Prefer to talk in a normal tone and gesture without much exaggeration;
  • Respect the person is being true to. It’s no good if you bet on a grasshopper can barely balance it. Choose clothing and accessories that no longer comfortable and, above all, trusting to display all its charm;
  • Being visually appealing approaches the target. Men are stimulated by sight, so, the slackness of the look should give way to beautiful clothes, hair and make neat.

The Valentine’s Day Seduction

The Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. This day commemorates the union of love between couples who enjoy the day to exchange gifts among themselves.

For a happy and lasting relationship is that there are three very important factors:

  • Desire is key to a satisfying sexual relationship, without it hardly responds to sexual stimuli with arousal;
  • Attraction;
  • Seduction.

Indeed, sexuality is not just a physical act. A complete sexuality is filled with sensuality and everything that arouses emotions and thrills people. The exciting game of seducing or being seduced is also a sexual practice whose main driver is the desire. It is the great erotic game that enriches our ability to communicate, to love and enjoy life.

A game with rules, in which all participate consciously or unconsciously, single, married, at home or at work.

The dress is no longer just a symbol of protection and modesty. It is an adornment and a means of communication. If we know that our legs are more beautiful than our chest, wear tight pants and a blouse wider, but suggestive. With a dressy dress, sexy, and some accessories, which as we know are very important to look good, show an intention to be attractive and seductive.

The clothing reflects your personality. We have to avoid clothing with which they feel good.

Accessories and cosmetics are effective weapons of seduction. Can enhance our best physical qualities and conceal our small defects.

The colorful dresses accentuate the charm of women, neutral colors and baggy pants diminish the power of seduction.



  • Face, Legs, Chest, Hair, Rear.


  • Physical attractive, erotic, Affectivity, Resourcefulness social skills home.

The physical appearance and clothing are not more than the beginning of wonderful erotic game of seduction, which continues through gestures and glances.

I’ve Certainly noticed the curious rituals of loving species. Peacock displays his beautiful color range to attract the female. Other animals offer food or build nests, crabs move the tweezers and female butterflies release a scent that attracts males. All nature has a mating ritual itself and humans are no exception.

The Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day should be lived for two with lots of love, taking the opportunity to go to the movies, to many people because this was a real school sex. Thanks to the movies, learned to kiss, hug and cuddle. Dinner in a romantic setting by the sea a light meal. Mild stomach will tend to be more dynamic, ideal for a sexual performance.

Kiss your lover, because he says a Hindu proverb that it is better than a wet kiss intercourse unsatisfactory.

If you choose other most romantic moments, take a little time just for you, away from children. From time to time we turn the knob “of the father and mother” and activate the “man and wife.” Play a lot in bed. On the bed is worth everything from tickling, giving and receiving sensual massages, chatting and of course, make love. Much love. For that very seriously consider, not to regard sex as a job to do.

Have fun and be very happy.

These are my suggestions to spend a happy Valentine’s Day. Please leave your comment.

Finally girls, remember SELF-ESTEEM IS EVERYTHING, it also expresses our personality through our sensuality, so the tips and tricks worth nothing if you do not care for the self-esteem before like someone we love and value ourselves, just so will be totally attractive, naturally increases our chances in winning.

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