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Health - Reference - January 23, 2012

Facts About Babies Most People Don’t Know

You might already have a fair amount of baby knowledge. Someone has undoubtedly told you that it can take a little bit for babies to start to recognize other people. Most people already know that babies are able to identify their mothers right after they have been born. You’ve probably learned that babies develop at their own rate. There is no set date for walking, talking, forming complete sentences, potty training, rolling over, etc. The truth is, however that there are lots of things about a child’s development that most people do not know.


A baby’s infancy is an amazing period of time. Between conception and toddlerhood is an incredibly exciting time. Babies might not look like they do much all day but under the surface they are working like crazy to grow up! Even while a baby is in the womb he or she is sensitive to light. Your eyes are incredibly complicated devices. In order to work the right way your eye muscles need to have extremely precise coordination. Babies usually have working eyes by the end of the first trimester or very beginning of the second trimester.

This is why a baby will sometimes choose one toy instead of another. Pastels are meant more for an adult’s sense of cuteness while the black and white things that are so often turned down are actually better for your son or daughter’s development. Before they are born most infants are able to understand and recognize different songs and music types. By thirty four weeks of life the baby is able to recognize different songs. This means that the baby spends more than a month in the womb being able to identify different types of music! Sometimes the babies will even “dance” to different beats.

Did anybody ever tell you that when babies first start to grow, they grow a tail along with their other limbs? That is no lie! During the first few weeks after conception babies grow tails along with their brains, hearts and lungs. While the rest of the baby’s vital organs continue to develop after birth, the tail has usually long since disappeared into the rest of the baby’s body by the time it is born. The whole process is similar to the way tadpoles grow up to be tail-less frogs. Unfortunately, not everyone’s body will absorb the tail completely and some babies are born with short tails still sticking out. If this happens the baby’s parents have to decide if they want to have the tail removed or If they simply want to wait and hope that it goes away as their child grows up.

In order to calm down when you are stressed, your body does everything it can to get rid of the hormones the stress has created-which is why you cry (your body is literally shedding the hormone). Your baby won’t create this hormone until after you have given birth to him. The stress hormone does not usually start to show up until the baby has been out of the womb for at least a few weeks. Other babies can take a few months to begin producing tears when they cry. Babies are fascinating creatures. There is no real proof that states just how babies learn the things they do or how long it takes them to learn those things. One thing is for certain: babies change every day and watching them grow up is amazing.

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