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Rahu Graha Transit to Cancer from 17 August 2017

Saturday, August 19, 2017 / No Comments

Rahu Graha Transit to Cancer from 17 August 2017

These are general prediction for detail rest Jupiter, Saturn Transit also important. If you're going under favorable planet dasha then these effects are tolerable. Best is to keep doing good work, never cheat people. Visit Hanuman's Ji temple everyday, if sometime not possible then every Saturday and Tuesday is must recomendation. In temple offer at-list a Diya or offer Prasad to Hanuman Ji. Pray to Lord Rama and Maa Bhagawati. Chant this Mantra "Hang Pawan Nandnay Swaha" in Padmasana atlist 108 time. Stay away from Non-Veg food because this transit will bring some venerability diseases like Swine flu, food poison etc may happen. which put you in hospitalization. Those who are eat and drinks a lot, diseases due to boozing might happen. Keep your character clean. Do regular physical activities or exercise to keep body fit. Late night sleep also dangerous because Rahu  powerful at night and it will bring server health issues. If your Rahu is very bad in both Birth chart or Transit start this Mantra at-list 3 time, or 5 time or 7 time or 11 time or 21 time respectively  

"Arda-kayam maha-viryam chandra ditya veemar-danam seeng-hee-ka garba sambootam tam rahum prana-mam mya-ham."To know more in details full Birth chart, need to analysis as this is just one part from Rahu's Transit.

Aries (Mesha Rashi)

For Aries (Mesha Rashi) Next 18 months for Mesha will get infection in chest, and their mother's health will affect. They and their mother will suffer may be due to heart attack or any chest infection during this 18 months of Rahu Transit. They will get new black color friend and start doing wrong deed. They will lose their properties. Due to wrong friends, they will start drinking and Tabaco. Some friends will (ladies) may stole their personal equipment. They will demand more monies from their mother. Jail Yoga may will create, if the person is a clean person then no Bandhan yoga formed. Anus get affected and may be there some infection on these areas.  Do care and not involve with some Black or Dark friend and with tobacco addictive or habit forming. Stop eating Non-veg because it will create chock on Heart area. Be-careful Mesha Rashi Friends.
For Good people, positive site for Mesha Rashi – they will get instant boost in profession and Job, Tirth yatra from west or south side may happen. Wealth will increase.


Taurus (Vrisab Rashi)

For Taurus (Vrisab Rashi) - Rahu’s influence in Transit to Vrisab Rashi 90 to 180 deg in distance from your moon sign, it is very good transit by the way, it will boost your solo profession. For Income, it would be very good time for Job holder. Own younger brother or sister gets good news and more happiness. If you’re in politics you will get boost and start increasing day by day. For this 18 months you’re safe from Rahu, it will be a prosperous and happy transit for next 18 months. Every Rashi there are three phases of transit, for the people in first transit, the first half of the Rahu result are good. The Second one, you will find some issues and for the Third phase it is also good.  From the North side of direction, they will get success and some gains will come.  I would prefer you, to put your desk, dining or business table on the North side to get maximum benefit.
Negative side it will affect your younger brother, he may get bad health. Your friend may start diminish you and may go against you. Some wrong friend (dark or black color) will come as younger brother and will cheat you. Those who are planning for marriage please stop it for another 18 months otherwise you will be cheated by wrong bride or groom where later you will suffer. But this transit will create more chances of marriage. The Bride and Groom will attract a lot and where the person will get more good information about the feature spouses, which is completely wrong and for that you will suffer a lot. For Taurus (Vrisab Rashi) partnership, marriage etc. would be bad.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)

For Gemini (Mithun Rashi) - Rahu’s influence in Transit to Mithun Rashi 90 to 180 deg – Mithun Rashi people can give a birth of twines. Their wealth, chest, thyroid, hand get affected. Education of Gemini student get affected.  Mithun rashi will get eager to do friendship with dark and black color friend. They will start using slang. They will may separate from father and mother. You will be trying to cheat family friends with harsh speech. You want to stole monies from other and disturbance with husband. Some of your monies will be stolen also. Rahu give punishment your debate will increases, losses will happen.  But in good side your Enemies will vanish or they will be your friend. Some of your old health issues will be fixed. In this 18 months, you will be paid some of your Personal Loan and may be therefore you will get debited but here if you do business investment then Rahu will diminish your investment and make you poor. So be-careful not to invest too much for a new business. You will visit some scared places and visit some temple outside of birth place.
In Negative side, there must be new health issues, your lower part of the leg get affected. Never do business investment. Keep clean your business document from all fees and penalty.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)

For Cancer (Karka Rashi) - Rahu’s influence in Transit to Karka Rashi which is called the Janma Rashi. Rahu in Janma (birth sign) it would be very dangerous. Advance checking of your heart is very very important although you have very good health from previous transit. If you find any heart pain or chest congestion immediately go and checkup with doctor. Take care of your health and never eat junk food. Never eat Non-Veg food. This 18 months of time take care of your health. A spoon sip of artificial drink like cola which is in dark color is equally poison for you. Those who indulge in wine, Tabaco, drugs etc. must be get ready to meet the Cremation ground. The Fat (obese) Cancer people will meet health issues so must obey their doctor’s instruction because they will meet their doctor very often. Very soon they will be affected by poison substance. Be cautious or wary about of Smoke, Junk food, Fire. Hanumann Ji is the only way so start worship him from today. Never eat over Party, Disco, Feast. Do not indulge fight with dark, black tall people with big head. Karka Rashi people should chant this Siddha Mantra with full devotion “Hang Pawan Nandnay Swaha” to ward off most poison is coming from Rahu which is sitting in your gochara Janma Rashi Kundali. Keep fasting on Tuesday. Cancer rashi should take care of their children there must be chances that your kids may be stolen or may they suffer due to bad friends. Do not plan for pregnancy or child birth for next 18 months. Otherwise birth child would be handicraft or physically debleated. Do not keep union with your spouse on Amavasya, Sankranti, Poornima, Grahan, Puja etc. or within 7th day of mensuration.
In Negative side do not smoke, drink, addicted. Planning for marriage and kids please stop it for another 18 months. Eat Swastik food, your heart is very very important so take care of it. Those who have Aslesha Nakshatra (Known as Vish Purusha or Vish Kanya) should be take extra care about their Father’s health will affected, easily get infection, there would be least luck. Court cases will come.

Leo (Simha Rashi)

For Leo (Simha Rashi) - Rahu’s influence in Transit of 2/12 relationship – Rahu is in the house of expenses. It’s represent Left Eye, Jala Tatwa, Transfer, Short Journey, Expenses etc. so Rahu will try to affect on these areas.  So here your Rahu is immersed in the Jala Tatwa, any Liquid form like Drinks, Wine, Beer etc. give issues to heart and lungs. There most chances to Left Eye problem. You might do house shift during this 18 months of time. This year Science student will get low grade on subject of chemistry so more studies required. There might be chances in quarrel related to properties, wealth etc. There is transfer, change in Job, unhappy boss, diseases due to boozing, leprosy might happen, blackmail from lender or borrower etc. Lending money and borrowing will create issues. There must be water accident from River, sea etc. North direction is dangerous for them. Mother health get affected.
In Good side: Simha Rashi peoples’ enemies get vanished. Those who are in Medicine or Physician will get benefits. Also, Lawyer get good boost.  Old health issues will be resolved. Chances of Govt flavor.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

For Virgo (Kanya Rashi) Rahu’s influence in Transit of 11/3 relationship which is very good also Virgo for Rahu is awesome here the results would be very good on all aspect. This 18-month Rahu gives wealth and it won’t take anything. Mysteriously it will give wealth from various sources. MNC people will get most boost in career. Wealth without work also indicates. From all direction, this Rashi will boosted through Rahu’s transit position. Those are in election they might be Minister. Land and Properties gains will come from various source. Those are unmarried should not do marriage within these 18 month of time interval. If you do marriage then you might be cheated.
Avoid Short Journey, marriage, job change etc. For more great result start chanting atlist 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 time in a day “Arda-kayam maha-viryam chandra ditya veemar-danam seeng-hee-ka garba sambootam tam rahum prana-mam mya-ham.”

Libra (Tula Rashi)

For Libra (Tula Rashi) Rahu’s influence in Transit of 10/4 relationship so Rahu will aspect 7, 6, 5. The 10th house relationship is you Dharma Karma so this transit for Rahu is overall Ok for you for the first half and bring prosperity. It will give Ganga Snana (Holy Dip), there must be visit to holy places. Easwar Kripa (God’s grace) will come ultimately. There might be chances that Snakes will enter into your home. So, keep your home clean. Your health issues will go away, wealth increase, enemies affected, touch feet of your mother for great result so take care of her so good result will come automatically. Job, Education, Business will boost so Ok position for Rahu. Please chant the mantra for 27 time in a day.
Negative perspective it will give results of your previous deed so be careful. It will may destroy your Job and Karma. If previous deeds are good Rahu give maximum upliftment. Adharmi dark or black color low cast would be your enemies. Secretly they will go against you. For which you will go into debit. First half it will give harsh speech, financial issues it will create. Somewhere Rahu will give according to your karma and take away also according to your Karma. Family dispute will come. Uneven time will come from family side. Be sure your mother won’t get unhappy and she might get problem in Leg part.

Scorpio (Vrichik Rashi)

Rahu’s influence in Transit of 5/9 relationship so Rahu will aspect 4, 8, 12 houses from its position. The ninth position of Rahu give impact on Father, Dharma and Law Justices. Some issues on thai, leg, chest etc. But overalls this transit is favorable. They will get benefits from lower dark peoples, Doctors will do good, Peoples in Medicine, Chemicals will do good. Lawyer, detectives, doctors, scientist will do very good in this transit. Export import business goes good. Pray to your Ista Devata from your birth chart for better prosper result. A New Sunrise for Vrichik Rashi.
Negative perspective you will be feared, feel suffocate so these are just fear but not bad so be strong yourself, you have very good things coming soon. You will get flavor from lower cast dark people.  Higher education hinder student gets problem in education, job and achievement so do studies well do hard work. Some stomach, lower part like Kidney problem will come according to your previous life Karma.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

For Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) - Rahu’s influence in Transit of 6/8 relationship – Rahu is in House of death. Rahu is in 8th house in transit gives death but not always, its according to previous life karma. Knee part affected. Inheritance. Dhanu Rashi be careful about your food you’ll may get infections, food poison and chest affected. Never take Bad food, medicine, junk food etc. for another 18 months. Take care about driving. Keep safe distance about infected water like Coke, Junk Drinks, Alcohol otherwise you will die or suffered a lot.  You may break your leg. May be imprisonment for your wrong deed. Your hospitalization is most likely.  You may be separated from father and from his home or properties. Unwanted expenditure.  Try to fix with your Dharma as you never like to do any Puja path. Keep your wealth, stop spending on unwanted things. Your dark and black color friend will cheat you so safeguard yourself. Your eye trouble will start so never do operation of your eyes. Any Businessman of Liquid things like Petrol, Chemical, Water etc. will face business losses.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

For Capricorn (Makar Rashi) Rahu’s influence to the rashi in Trikona here this transit is good for Capricorn. As Rahu is Naisargika malefic so some bad influence will come not by own mistake but its due to its Naisargika malefic reason. So Native may meet some court cases and it will increase day by day. Theft will happen, Infection on protest gland, urinary issues etc. Never miss your medicines. There may be an issue on anus and piles. Fingers will be affected. Chances of debates, leg will affect, never do marriage for this 18 months.  There are chances of monetary gain and monetary wastages for cheater peoples. Your business partner, room partner and may be life partner should cheat you.
Overall your transit is good and not much affected.

Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi)

For Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) Rahu’s influence to the rashi is very good. So here Rahu gives maximum benefit. Here Rahu will finish enemies, loans will vanish, diseases will also ward off.  Consultant get maximum benefits, Lender and loaner will get happiness.  They will enjoy life. There must be visit to holy places. Easwar Kripa will come ultimately. They will be more devoted. Rajayoga will come.  To get more very good result chant Rahu’s Mantra.
Negative side: Own Money will not come which is given to others because for its Naisargika maleficence.

Pisces (Meena Rashi)

For Pisces (Meena Rashi) Rahu’s influence to the rashi is they will get punishment from their own children. Negativity will come they will come under bad friend’s influence. They should not scold to their own son or children otherwise there would be issues comes from own Children. Pitri will call for Tarpan, do start Tarpan. So, take care of your Children never punish them. There might be bad dream from Pitri. Legal matter will come. This is not the right time for Pisces, Meena Rashi. Fat black people will help you. Low graded low cast will give helps. This time you will get financial benefits. Some depression will start, you will start fear. experience uneasiness in mind you will give your 100% to reach your goal. Beware of tall person who seems to be good people to you for this 18 months.

Marriage in Hinduism - Walking to a same path of Life

Friday, August 4, 2017 / No Comments

What is Marriage (Vivāha) in Hinduism

Vivāha is the First step to learning blindly love or respect your Spouse (or another soul). In reality what is Marriage? The reality is you and your spouse is really married to a path of life, not to a person. Both of you walking to a same path of Life. 

You and your Spouse comes together due to the past karma and to walk in the same path of life. Vivāha is a very big word which donates the vāha in essence continual flowing like a river. The day the path is diversify you both will go away from each other. So long the path is together you will stay together and that what is called Vivāha.

In Hinduism Vivāha in our mythology some people laugh when it said that “Pati Parmeswara”. So before worship to Eswara (God) one should accept him Pati (Husband) as Parmeswara (Supreme soul), because the husband is the supreme Lord for the wife. There is a verse from Valmiki Ramayana its says “You must not underestimate my son in his exile. You must treat him as your god whether he is wealthy or not”. 

Pati or God is in its nature spiritual in form and is Almighty, All-merciful, Omnipresent, just and perfect and all love and ever blissful. He is beyond the approach of Pasam and He is the fountainhead of eternal happiness when there is on return, when once reached. The deeper meaning is that our sages wanted one person to ACCEPT the other, as it is. It’s a kind of acceptance - only when you are able to do it with ONE person, you can think of accepting all GOOD & EVIL that GOD has provided. If you cannot respect one soul how can one accept god who is Omnipresent and reside everywhere in the soul of each individual? 

It’s true our scriptures say that one who devotes to the Supreme Soul at the time of death, reaches the supreme soul. Rather whatever we think at the time of death, we attain that state after death. The essence is while living in this Saṃsāra, one should adhere to dharma of scriptures and should respect Pati as Parameswar. Having fulfilled her duties towards her husband (and family) will entitle her to same reward as worshipping the Supreme Soul and thus she is worthy of attaining ‘Moksha’ Similarly, men must respect their wives because both of were walking to a same path of Life.

The essence of marriage is the karmic bond between you and your soulmate. The soulmate is not limited to a person, a soulmate can be the past commitment to the God. A person is married, the marriage is due to the path of life from previous birth and commitment towards soulmate. By the way Vivāha to a Person is Saṃsāra and to the GOD is Saṃnyāsa.